Edition 2 of EduSphere Colloquium Series

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Date: 08 December 2023, Friday Time: 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm Platform: Google Meet

The second edition of the EduSphere Colloquium series unfolded with great success on the evening of 8th December 2023, Friday. Unlike the first edition, this session took place in the digital realm on Google Meet, bringing together educators, professionals, and enthusiasts interested in the realm of education and its various dimensions.

The focal point of the session was the comprehensive exploration of ‘Online Wellbeing,’ with Dr. N. Mahalakshmi, the esteemed Principal of Muna College of Education in Parangipettai, Tamilnadu, serving as the distinguished resource person. The event kicked off at 7:00 pm and extended until 8:00 pm.

Dr. Mahalakshmi’s expertise in the field was evident as she delved into the multifaceted aspects of wellbeing in the digital era. The session commenced with a focus on mental health, providing valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities that the digital landscape presents for individuals. Dr. Mahalakshmi’s presentation not only highlighted the potential pitfalls but also offered practical strategies to foster positive mental health in the online sphere.

Moderating the session was Dr. Naseerali M.K., who skillfully facilitated the flow of the discussion, ensuring that the audience remained engaged and had the opportunity to pose questions to the resource person.

The collaborative nature of the EduSphere Colloquium series was further exemplified by the active participation of attendees. Mrs. Faheema and Dr. Nalini were among the many contributors who added depth to the conversation by sharing their perspectives and insights on the topic.

As the session drew to a close, Mr. Shahbaz stepped forward to deliver the vote of thanks. Expressing gratitude to the resource person, moderators, contributors, and the audience, he underscored the significance of such forums in fostering knowledge exchange and professional development.

In conclusion, the second edition of the EduSphere Colloquium series was a resounding success, bringing together a diverse community to engage with the critical topic of ‘Online Wellbeing.’ The event not only provided valuable insights but also served as a platform for meaningful discussions and collaborative learning in the realm of education. The organizers look forward to future editions that promise to be equally enlightening and enriching for all participants.

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