“Silent Strength Speaks Volumes”- Special Education Talks

On the 9th of May 2024, Kannur Salafi B.Ed College organized a programme named Special Education Talks aimed at raising awareness and understanding about hearing impairment and sign language. The session was conducted with the goal of equipping educators with the necessary knowledge and skills to support students with hearing disabilities effectively.

The program commenced with a prayer led by Aswathi S. Thirumunp, setting a serene and focused atmosphere for the session. Following the prayer, Viswanathan TV extended a warm welcome to the chief guest, attendees, and participants, marking the beginning of the insightful session.The session featured Mr. M.K. Haridasan, a distinguished Special Educator, as the resource person. With his extensive expertise and experience in the field, Mr. Haridasan brought valuable insights into the challenges faced by individuals with hearing impairments and the significance of sign language in facilitating communication and inclusion.

During the session, Mr. Haridasan elucidated on various aspects related to hearing impairment, including its causes, effects, and management strategies. He conducted a demonstration of different sign languages, emphasizing their importance as a means of communication for individuals with hearing disabilities. Through interactive discussions and practical demonstrations, participants gained a deeper understanding of the unique needs of students with hearing impairments and the role of educators in supporting their learning and development. Mr. Harikrishnan, General Secretary expressed gratitude on behalf of the College Union. He extended heartfelt thanks to Mr. M.K. Haridasan for his enlightening session, which proved to be immensely beneficial for all participants.

Touching Literacy : Exploring Braille Script

Following the morning session on hearing impairment and sign language, Kannur Salafi B.Ed College continued its commitment to inclusive education by organizing an afternoon session focused on introducing Braille script and discussing adaptations for blind students. The session aimed to raise awareness among educators about the unique needs of visually impaired students and equip them with the knowledge required to support their education effectively. Mr. Sabind K, the Principal of BUDS Special School Kathiroor, led the afternoon session as the resource person. With his expertise in special education and experience working with visually impaired students, Mr. Sabind K provided valuable insights into the challenges faced by blind students and the importance of Braille script in facilitating their education.

During the session, Mr. Sabind K introduced the participants to the Braille script, a tactile writing system used by individuals who are visually impaired. He explained the fundamentals of Braille, including its history, structure, and usage, allowing participants to gain a comprehensive understanding of this essential tool for blind individuals.

Mr. Sabind K also discussed various adaptation strategies and assistive technologies that can enhance the learning experience of blind students. From accessible educational materials to specialized teaching methods, participants learned about the diverse approaches that can be employed to ensure the inclusion and success of blind students in the classroom. As the session concluded, Awasthi Ashok extended a vote of thanks on behalf of the organizing committee and attendees. He expressed gratitude to Mr. Sabind K for his enlightening presentation and valuable insights, which provided attendees with a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with educating visually impaired students.

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