Staff Welfare

Welfare measures for teaching and non teaching staff

At Kannur salafi B.Ed college, the welfare of both teaching and non-teaching staff is a top priority, facilitated through a comprehensive set of initiatives. The institution, under the governing body Islahi Trust  and its managing committees, is committed to enhancing the overall well-being of its employee

Financial Support 

The institution provides financial support to the teaching and non teaching staff through festival allowance and other welfare funds.

Welfare Fund Managed by IQAC

The Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) manages a welfare fund, providing consolation to employees. 

Work Space

Faculty members have  well furnished  staff rooms  equipped with laptops , and high-speed internet connectivity. Non-teaching staff are accommodated in well-furnished workspaces with all necessary amenities.

Canteen facility

The college ensures that its staff members have access to  snacks through a canteen at a reasonable price.

Staff parking area

 Institution provides parking facilities for vehicles to  both teaching and non-teaching staff.

Welfare measures at Kannur Salafi B.Ed college create a conducive environment that goes beyond professional needs, addressing the holistic well-being of its teaching and non-teaching staff. These initiatives reflect the institution’s commitment to fostering a supportive and fulfilling work culture.