Internal Complaint Cell

Kannur Salafi B Ed college formed an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) for addressing complaints of sexual harassment at the college and ensuring a safe and secure environment for all students, teachers and non teaching staff, particularly women.


  • To create awareness and prevent instances of sexual harassment..
  • Prevent discrimination and sexual harassment, by promoting gender amity among students and employees;
  • To provide a fair and impartial mechanism for victims to report incidents of sexual harassment and seek redressal without fear of retaliation.

 The ICC receives complaints of sexual harassment from students and employees and ensures confidentiality throughout the process.

The committee conducts a thorough and impartial inquiry into the allegations, ensuring due process and natural justice for both the complainant and the accused.

The ICC offers support and guidance to the complainant throughout the process, including legal assistance if required.

Based on the findings of the inquiry, the ICC makes recommendations for appropriate action, which may include disciplinary measures against the harasser.

The ICC conducts awareness programs and training sessions to educate students and teaching and no teaching members about their rights and responsibilities concerning sexual harassment.

Internal Complaint committee

Preceding Officer – Mrs Vijisha CP

Members – Mrs Dhanya K P

–  Mrs Sudha M

Members from Administrative Staff. Mr Abdulla T P

 Student Representative – Drishya K P