Counselling Cell

The Counselling Cell was introduced at Kannur Salafi B Ed college in 2023, with the help of a qualified counsellor aimed at handling and facilitating the resolution of emotional and psychological issues with the students. Students can address their concerns about their academic and social lives to the Counsellor. Counselling Cell intends to empower the students to face these challenges effectively through professional guidance and counselling programs. The cell focuses on arranging individual or group counselling sessions to help them with their educational objectives, social and temperamental growth, job objectives, fellow feeling, and social skills to possess healthy connections and a healthy mode. The goal of the counselling cell is to facilitate positive behaviour changes, raising the student’s ability to determine and maintain relationships socially, promoting their decision-making process, and serving the student to grasp their own potential and cope effectively with the issues they face. The Counselling Cell will function respecting the student’s privacy so that they are free to explore their concerns, feelings and behaviours.


  • To identify the problem areas or difficulties of individuals, their potentialities, and limitations
  • To help students develop their potentialities through a greater self-understanding to enable them to take full advantage of the environmental resources
  • To help the students to overcome examination stress, anxiety or phobia.
  • To help the students in solving their personal, educational, social as well as psychological problems.
  • To assist the student in planning for educational and vocational choices.
  • To help the students know themselves regarding their interests, abilities, aptitude, passion and opportunities.
  • To facilitate psychological well-being of the students through continuous support and guidance based on their needs.
  • To empower the students in recognizing their unique potentials and skills to achieve their academic goals, social and personality development, adjustment issues, career goals,

Counselling Cell Coordinator

Mrs Sudha M. Asst Professor , Counselor