Literary and Readers Club

Objectives of the Literary Club at Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College

The Literary Club at Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College is committed to nurturing the literary talents of prospective teachers and fostering a love for literature, language, and communication skills. With the unique needs of future educators in mind, we have defined the following objectives:


    1. Enhancing Language Proficiency: To improve the language proficiency and communication skills of prospective teachers, ensuring they are equipped to teach effectively and communicate with diverse student populations.

    1. Promoting a Love for Literature: To instill a deep appreciation for literature, encouraging members to explore a wide range of literary genres, both classical and contemporary.

    1. Developing Critical Thinking: To cultivate critical thinking and analytical skills through the study and discussion of literary works, enhancing members’ ability to assess and interpret information effectively.

    1. Encouraging Creative Expression: To provide a platform for members to express themselves creatively through writing, poetry, storytelling, and other artistic forms of expression.

    1. Enhancing Reading Habits: To promote a culture of reading by organizing book clubs, reading challenges, and literary events, fostering a lifelong reading habit among prospective teachers.

    1. Building Confidence in Public Speaking: To build confidence in public speaking and presentation skills, which are essential for effective teaching and communication.

    1. Fostering Cultural Sensitivity: To develop an understanding of diverse cultures and perspectives through the study of literature from different regions and backgrounds, enabling future teachers to create inclusive and culturally sensitive classrooms.

    1. Creating Future Storytellers: To train prospective teachers in the art of storytelling, recognizing its importance as a teaching tool and its potential to engage students effectively.

    1. Exploring Multilingualism: To celebrate and explore multilingualism, recognizing the linguistic diversity of our society and its significance in the educational context.

    1. Professional Development: To facilitate professional development by inviting renowned authors, educators, and experts to interact with members and share insights into effective teaching strategies and literacy development.

    1. Literary Outreach: To engage in literary outreach activities, such as organizing literary festivals, writing competitions, and community reading programs, to promote literacy and the love for literature beyond the college campus.

    1. Promoting Research: To encourage research and scholarly activities related to language, literature, and literacy, allowing prospective teachers to contribute to the field of education.

By aligning with these objectives, the Literary Club at Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College aims to equip prospective teachers with the necessary linguistic, literary, and communication skills to become effective educators. Additionally, it seeks to inspire a passion for literature and language that they can instill in their future students, fostering a love for learning and self-expression.