24/11/2023 On November 24, 2023, A morning assembly named “Eureka” was conducted by the Natural Science Department. The assembly had a peaceful environment where students could focus their attention. The assembly was hosted by Anjali which gave an energetic start Read more


The morning assembly conducted by social science department on November 20 centered around the universal children’s day theme successfully captured the attention of the attendees in a great way. It was hosted by Ajinasha who demonstrated her exceptional skills in Read more


13/11/2023 On November 13,2023,Morning assembly was conducted by the English Department. Assembly had a peaceful environment where students could focus their attention and listen to important messages, announcements, or educational content. This enhanced students alertness, focus, and willingness to learn. Read more


MORNING ASSEMBLY CONDUCTED BY TEAM NATURAL SCIENCE ON 06/11/2023 The Department of Natural Science hosted the morning session on November 6, 2023 with great excitement. Nehla Sherin guided the department beautifully through the session. She welcomed the students and teachers Read more