Research & Development (R&D) Cell

The members of the committee are as follows:

Principal                                            –                       Dr. Naseerali M.K. (Convener)

Manager                                            –                       Sri. M.M. Haris

Administrative Officer                      –                       Sri. Abdulla T.P.

Coordinator, IQAC                            –                       Mrs. Riji Vijayan

Staff Secretary                                   –                       Mrs. Anitha P.C.

Students Union Representative     –                       Ms. K.P. Drisya

The objectives of the Research & Development Cell are as follows:

  • To foster a culture of research and innovation among faculty members, students, and staff of Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College.
  • To promote interdisciplinary research collaborations within the institution and with external stakeholders.
  • To facilitate the dissemination of research findings through publications, conferences, and workshops.
  • To identify and pursue funding opportunities to support research initiatives aligned with the goals and priorities of the college.