“Rhythmic Narratives (Paattum Parachilum): A Melodic Blend of Words and Music” Event

Date: December 5, 2023

Venue: Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College

On the eve of the Inauguration of the Students’ Union and Fine Arts Club, Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College hosted a captivating and thought-provoking value-based learning event titled “Rhythmic Narratives: A Melodic Blend of Words and Music” on December 5, 2023. The daylong session was facilitated by Mr. Jose C.C., a distinguished artist, philanthropist, palliative activist, and retired school teacher from Thrissur, Kerala.

The event commenced with a harmonious fusion of words and music, creating an atmosphere that captivated the audience’s attention. Mr. Jose C.C. skillfully combined music with narratives, covering a wide range of thought-provoking topics that resonated with the audience.

The forenoon session was an engaging blend of infotainment, filled with music and related narratives that not only entertained but also stimulated intellectual discussions. Mr. Jose C.C. adeptly addressed thought-provoking topics, sparking conversations on issues relevant to society and socio-personal development.

In the afternoon session, Mr. Jose C.C. shifted the focus to a more profound and reflective experience. He shared his extensive experiences in the palliative field, delving into topics such as the significance of relationships, the interconnectedness of humanity, the intrinsic value of nature, the objectives of life, and the meaning of achievement. This session aimed to touch the hearts of the audience, leaving a lasting impact on their perspectives.

Mr. Jose C.C. expressed his admiration for the students of Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College for deviating from conventional approaches to union and fine arts inaugurations. By including a palliative-engaged personality as the chief guest and orchestrating a day-long silent, thought-provoking session, the students showcased courage and innovation in their approach to such significant events.

Students actively participated in the event, sharing their feedback and expressing their feelings about the sessions. Many expressed gratitude for the valuable insights gained, emphasizing that the event encouraged them to be more compassionate toward their fellow beings.

The event concluded with remarks from College Principal, Dr. Naseerali M.K. He expressed his appreciation for the unique and meaningful approach taken by the students in organizing the event. Dr. Naseerali M.K. highlighted the importance of incorporating value-based learning experiences into the college curriculum and commended Mr. Jose C.C. for his impactful contributions to the intellectual and emotional growth of the students.

In essence, “Rhythmic Narratives: A Melodic Blend of Words and Music” proved to be a memorable and transformative event, leaving an indelible mark on the minds and hearts of the participants.

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