College Union Election Report – October 27, 2022

On October 27, 2022, the college conducted its annual Union Election to choose the representatives who will lead and represent the student body for the academic year. The election was marked by active participation and enthusiasm from the student community.


conducting union elections in B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education) colleges is essential to establish effective student representation and foster a positive learning environment. Here are some objectives for conducting union elections in BEd colleges:

Ensure that the student union represents the diverse interests, needs, and concerns of BEd students, acting as a voice for the student community.

Provide opportunities for aspiring student leaders to develop leadership skills, communication abilities, and a sense of responsibility through active participation in the election process.

Foster a culture of democracy and civic engagement by involving students in the democratic process of electing their representatives, promoting a sense of responsibility towards the larger community.

Establish effective communication channels between students, faculty, and administration by facilitating regular interactions and feedback mechanisms through the elected student representatives.

Facilitate and support initiatives that provide BEd students with opportunities for professional development, including workshops, seminars, and networking events.

Instill values of integrity, accountability, and ethical conduct among student leaders, setting a positive example for the entire student body.
Develop mechanisms for peaceful conflict resolution, ensuring that differences of opinion are addressed constructively and contribute to the growth of the college community.
Establish connections with alumni to provide insights into career opportunities, industry trends, and mentorship, creating a bridge between current students and successful professionals in the field of education.

Elected Representatives:
The following students were elected to key positions in the college union:

Chairman: Adarsh K
Vice Chairperson: Sajna K
General Secretary: Vyshna TV
Joint Secretary: Sanika Suresh
Fine Arts Secretary: KV Anagha
Student Editor: Haritha Prakashan
General Captain: Niketh VV
UUC (University Union Council) Representative: Ramees Ahammed MP

Program Highlights
The oath taking ceremony for the elected members was conducted on October 31, 2022. The ceremony was a solemn occasion, signifying the commitment of the newly elected representatives to fulfill their responsibilities with integrity and dedication. Each member took the oath, pledging to serve the student body, uphold the principles of the institution, and work towards the betterment of the college community.

Assumption of Duties:
Following the oath-taking ceremony, all elected members assumed their respective positions on the same day. The college union now stands poised to address the concerns and needs of the students under the leadership of the newly elected representatives.

Expectations and Goals:
The elected representatives expressed their commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive environment within the college. Their goals include promoting academic excellence, organizing cultural and sports events, addressing student grievances, and enhancing the overall college experience for every student.

The successful completion of the college union election on October 27, 2022, and the subsequent oath-taking ceremony on October 31, 2022, mark the beginning of a new chapter in the governance of the college. The elected representatives, led by Chairman Adarsh K, are expected to work collaboratively to bring about positive changes and improvements for the student community. The college community looks forward to a productive and successful tenure under their leadership.

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