Hands-on Workshop on Digital Skills for Teaching Professionals: Report

Date: 21 July 2023

Venue: Multipurpose Hall, KSBC

Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College organized a comprehensive Hands-on Workshop on Digital Skills for Teaching Professionals as a part of the pre-school internship preparatory activity for second-semester B.Ed. students. The workshop was inaugurated by our college principal Dr.Naseerali M.K.. As himself as an expert in educational technology, he rightly highlighted the impact of ICT in teaching and learning process. He asked the prospective teachers to use the technology with no fear for the benefit of the learning community in the schools during pre-service training sessions. The workshop, led by Mr. Abdul Hameed T., Assistant Professor at TIM Training College, Nadapuram, aimed to equip the future educators with essential digital skills that are becoming increasingly integral to modern teaching methodologies.

The day-long workshop provided an immersive learning experience for both the B.Ed. students and their mentor teachers. The session was structured to cover a wide range of digital tools and techniques that can be effectively integrated into the teaching-learning process. Mr. Abdul Hameed T. guided the participants through various aspects of digital skills, emphasizing their role in enhancing classroom engagement, content delivery, and overall pedagogical effectiveness.

Dr.Naseerali M.K., Principal of Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College Inaugurating the Session

Key Workshop Highlights:

  1. Digital Literacy: The workshop commenced with an insightful discussion on the significance of digital literacy in today’s educational landscape. Participants gained a clear understanding of the basic digital skills required for effective teaching in the digital age.
  2. Interactive Learning Tools: Mr. Abdul Hameed T. introduced the attendees to a variety of interactive learning tools and platforms that can be employed to create engaging and interactive lessons. Participants had hands-on experience with tools like interactive whiteboards, educational apps, and multimedia presentations.
  3. Online Assessment Techniques: The workshop addressed modern assessment methodologies by demonstrating various online assessment tools and techniques. This segment provided participants with insights into conducting digital assessments, instant feedback, and data analysis for improved student performance.
  4. Digital Content Creation: The participants learned how to design and develop their own digital teaching materials, such as e-books, videos, and infographics. This session aimed to enhance the educators’ ability to customize content based on the diverse learning needs of their students.
  5. Virtual Classroom Management: Given the increasing relevance of virtual classrooms, the workshop included guidance on effectively managing online learning environments. Participants explored strategies for maintaining student engagement, fostering interaction, and addressing technical challenges.

The Hands-on Workshop on Digital Skills for Teaching Professionals was well-received by both the B.Ed. students and their mentor teachers. The practical nature of the workshop allowed participants to immediately apply their newfound knowledge and skills. The event was not only a valuable addition to the pre-school internship preparatory activities but also aligned with the college’s commitment to producing competent and tech-savvy educators.

The management and faculty of Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College extend their gratitude to Mr. Abdul Hameed T. for his informative and engaging session. The success of the workshop further solidified the college’s dedication to fostering a culture of innovation and excellence in teacher education.

Report Prepared By: Mrs. Riji Vijayan, Assistant Professor


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