College Magazine-2022 ‘Chuzhi’ Release

The College Magazine release at Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College on 16 June 2023 was a remarkable showcase of the college’s vibrant academic and creative spirit. The Magazine Committee, under the able guidance of the Students Union, worked diligently to create a publication that captured the diverse talents and achievements of the college’s students and faculty.

Event Highlights:

  1. Compilation of Rich Content: The Magazine Committee skillfully curated an array of contributions from students and staff, including thought-provoking articles, literary pieces, artwork, poems, and insightful essays. The content represented the collective intellect and creativity thriving within the college community.
  2. Meticulous Editing: The student editor, Sandhra G Babu, and staff editor, Viswanathan TV, demonstrated their editorial prowess in carefully reviewing and refining the submissions to ensure a polished and engaging magazine.
  3. Guidance from Chief Editor: Dr. Vijayan Chalode, the Chief Editor of the magazine, provided invaluable guidance and direction, infusing the publication with professionalism and academic excellence.
  4. Special Guest Release: The magazine release was graced by the esteemed presence of Mr. T.P. Baburaj, a celebrated artist, whose endorsement of the magazine added prestige and encouragement to the contributors.
  5. Principal’s Support: The Principal of Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College, Dr. Vijayan Chalode, extended his unwavering support to the magazine project, recognizing the importance of providing a platform for creative expression and academic achievements.


The College Magazine release at Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College on 20th December 2022 stands as a testament to the college’s commitment to fostering talent and encouraging a culture of creativity and intellect. The efforts of the Magazine Committee, under the guidance of the Students Union and the leadership of Dr. Vijayan Chalode, resulted in a captivating publication that showcased the college’s vibrant academic community.

The presence of Mr. T.P. Baburaj added a sense of pride and motivation to the contributors, reaffirming the value of their creative endeavors. The magazine serves as an inspiring keepsake, cherishing the collective brilliance and achievements of the college’s students and faculty.

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