Qualifiers of State Eligibility Test (2021-2023)

We are pleased to announce the exceptional individuals who have successfully qualified in the State Eligibility Test held in January 2023. This rigorous examination, designed to assess the competence and knowledge of candidates in various subjects, has yielded a group of outstanding achievers who have demonstrated their expertise and dedication to their respective fields.

1. Amal K Narayanan – History Amal K Narayanan has exhibited a profound understanding of history, showcasing his comprehensive grasp of historical events, developments, and their impact on society. His achievement highlights his commitment to preserving and disseminating knowledge about our past.

2. Aysha Marseen – Botany Aysha Marseen’s qualification in the field of Botany underscores her in-depth knowledge of plant life, ecological systems, and the intricate relationships that shape our environment. Her accomplishment contributes to the advancement of botanical research and sustainable practices.

3. Anagha K.P. – English Anagha K.P.’s successful qualification in English attests to her exceptional language skills, literary comprehension, and critical analysis. Her achievement showcases a deep appreciation for the nuances of the English language and its profound impact on culture and communication.

4. Shaniba V.P. – Mathematics Shaniba V.P.’s proficiency in Mathematics is commendable, reflecting her aptitude for abstract reasoning, problem-solving, and mathematical theory. Her accomplishment stands as a testament to her dedication to advancing the field of mathematics.

5. Akshaya K.M. – Mathematics Akshaya K.M.’s qualification in Mathematics further reinforces the significance of her mathematical prowess. Her achievement complements her peers’ accomplishments, collectively contributing to the enrichment of mathematical knowledge.

The successful candidates have demonstrated their dedication and expertise in their respective subjects, enriching our understanding of history, botany, English, and mathematics. Their achievements reflect not only their individual capabilities but also their commitment to academic excellence and the advancement of knowledge in their chosen fields.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Amal K Narayanan, Aysha Marseen, Anagha K.P., Shaniba V.P., and Akshaya K.M. for their outstanding performance in the State Eligibility Test January 2023. Their success serves as an inspiration to aspiring scholars and researchers, fostering a culture of intellectual curiosity and pursuit of excellence.

We wish them continued success in their academic and professional endeavors, confident that their contributions will have a lasting impact on their respective disciplines and our society as a whole.

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