Kannur, 18/08/2023:

A vibrant celebration of Farmers Day took place at the Kuttiattoor Mango Products Factory in Kannur, hosted by the Kannur Salafi B. Ed. College. The event, inaugurated by Dr. Naseerali M.K., Principal of Kannur Salafi B. Ed. College, shed light on the pivotal roles played by farmers and educators in shaping the nation’s growth.

In his opening address, Dr. Naseerali M.K. expressed the sentiment that while soldiers are the guardians of the nation, it’s the farmers and teachers who lay the foundation for its development. He underlined the vital role of teachers as promoters of agricultural awareness through their students, advocating for self-sufficiency in producing high-quality food and cultivating healthy eating habits.

Dr. Naseerali M.K. underscored the importance of aligning education with the vision of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, emphasizing the need for vocational training. He advocated for elevating agriculture’s priority in vocational education, urging schools to tap into the local farming community for insightful sessions.

The event recognized two esteemed local farmers – Mr. Mohanan PP, a retired school teacher and accomplished farmer, and Sri. Kumaran MK, a seasoned agricultural guru. Both farmers engaged in enriching discussions on various agricultural facets with B. Ed. students, sharing their invaluable insights and experiences.

A highlight of the occasion was the remarkable tale of the Kuttiattoor Mango. Renowned for its unaltered qualities and distinctive taste, the mango has retained its essence without undergoing any genetic modification or mutation. Mr. Prabhakaran A, formerly an Agricultural Officer and presently the Chairman of Kuttiattoor Mango Producer Company, elaborated on this intriguing phenomenon. The mango, once known as Nambiar Mango, holds a rich history that captivated the audience.

Mr. Purushothaman K.K., a board member of the company, presented an overview of the company’s operations and vision. Mr. Viswanathan TV, a faculty member of the Malayalam Department, illuminated green initiatives that educators could implement in schools to foster agricultural awareness and a pro-environment attitude.

Representatives from the student body, including Mr. Shahabas Bhasheer, Mrs. Gopika M, and Mr. Harikrishnan A.M., shared their perspectives on the event’s theme. Subsequently, students engaged in interactive sessions with company employees, expanding their understanding of real-world agricultural practices.

The Farmers Day Celebrations not only honored the contributions of farmers and educators but also ignited a spirit of agricultural consciousness among students, emphasizing its critical role in the nation’s growth trajectory.

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