‘Onnichonam, Nallonam’ – Onam Celebration at Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College

Date: 24/08/2023 Venue: College Premises

Introduction: Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College embraced the festive spirit of Onam with its grand celebration titled “Onnichonam, Nallonam.” The event, held on 24th August 2023 within the college premises, showcased the unity and cultural vibrancy that Onam brings to Kerala’s diverse populace.


Inauguration: The event was inaugurated by the college’s esteemed Principal, Dr. Naseerali M.K. In his opening address, he highlighted the dual joy that the nation was experiencing – one, for the successful landing of Chandrayaan-3 on the moon, and the other, for the united celebrations of Onam. Dr. Naseerali expressed his optimism that India’s dedication to science and technology would soon elevate the country to a global pinnacle in all spheres.

The principal commended the prospective teachers for their remarkable performance during their teaching practices. He encouraged them to continue striving to become inspiring educators who could shape the future endeavors of India. Drawing parallels with the spirit of Onam, Dr. Naseerali emphasized the importance of unity and joy in educational institutions.


  • Mr. Viswanathan TV (Malayalam Faculty): Mr. Viswanathan shared his nostalgia as he admired the rare flowers in the floral carpets, which transported him back to his childhood memories. He emphasized that Onam is a celebration of prosperity, rich culture, and agricultural success.
  • Mrs. Riji Vijayan (Faculty of Natural Sciences): Mrs. Riji shared her insights on the significance of Onam, highlighting its strong ties to Kerala’s unique secular culture. She spoke about how the festival promotes unity and diversity.

Cultural Performances and Activities: The college witnessed a variety of cultural performances and engaging activities during the celebration:

  • Cultural Programs: Students showcased their talents through performances including Thiruvathira, Nadanpattu, various forms of songs and dances.
  • Games: Traditional games such as lemon-spoon race, musical chair, tug of war, and Uriyadi (pot-breaking game) added excitement to the event.
  • Swing: A beautifully adorned swing added to the festive ambience, symbolizing the joy and togetherness of Onam.
  • Feast (Onasadhya): An authentic Onam feast, Onasadhya, was served, fostering a sense of community as everyone partook in the traditional meal.

Distinguished Guests: The celebration was graced by the presence of notable individuals, including the college’s Administrative Officer, Sri. Abdulla Master, and members of the Management Committee – Dr. Basheer A.A., Sri. Haris M.M., and Sri. Abdul Salam. They extended warm Onam greetings to all attendees.

Prizes and Maveli’s Model: Winners of the various games were honored with prizes. A model of Maveli, a mythical king associated with the festival, was presented by a student, adding a touch of cultural significance to the event.

Conclusion: The “Onnichonam, Nallonam” Onam celebration at Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College was a resounding success, embracing the essence of unity, diversity, and cultural heritage. Through inspiring speeches, engaging performances, traditional activities, and a sumptuous feast, the event captured the true spirit of Onam. The college community left the celebration with a heightened sense of togetherness, cultural pride, and festive joy.

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