Morning Assembly -03.11.2023

The morning assembly on 3rd November 2023 conducted by mathematics department was a harmonious start to the day, bringing together the community in a spirit of unity and inspiration.The assembly was seamlessly anchored and expertly handled by Anagha Anil.
This morning’s assembly began with a prayer and gracefully led by Ramshana and Shiyada. Following the prayer, the assembly continued with the recitation of the pledge, which was led by Faiza PCP.The pledge reaffirmed the commitment to the principles of unity and loyalty, serving as a reminder of our duties towards the nation.After the news reading keerthana led the students with the current happenings. Which helped the students to know latest news.Harsha shared her thoughts on the topic of the Asian Games.Her insightful perspective encouraged everyone to think about the significance of such international sporting events and the unity they promote.

Then Gopika introduced a new word in front of the students which helped to widen the vocabulary.
The morning assembly was a harmonious blend of spirituality, unity, knowledge. leaving everyone inspired and ready to face the day with renewed energy.

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