International day for Tolerance-16-11-2023

On November 16, 2023, INTERNATIONAL TOLERANCE DAY was conducted by the mathematics Department.

The entire program was handled by Anamika which gave all of us an inspiration as the day was celebrated as tolerance day. She gave some good words about the tolerance day as we all are future teachers. She handled the whole assembly with a vibrant energy and she has done her job well. Prayers are not just words that we listen to, they gives us peace, strength and courage to handle what lies ahead. For making our day more blessed Gopika and Anagha led us with a beautiful prayer which calmed everyone’s mind. A formal promise towards our nation, ……led us with pledge.

Making all of us aware about the current happenings Harsha led us with news. An assembly cannot be concluded without making all of them gathered there with something new to learn. For this keerthan led with a thought. The topic she delivered to everyone was about migration of students. She had done her job very well which made all of us awar of migrating to other countries. At last to increase our vocabulary, a new word was introduced by Ramshana.

All students attentively participated in this morning session and the values we learnt in each day could inspire each one’s life ahead.

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