The morning assembly conducted by social science department on November 20 centered around the universal children’s day theme successfully captured the attention of the attendees in a great way.

It was hosted by Ajinasha who demonstrated her exceptional skills in captivatively guiding the proceedings.

The morning assembly began with a solemn prayer by Nithya & prinsha , fostered a reflective and focused atmosphere among the attendees. Following the prayer, the recitation of the pledge by Anagha created a collective commitment to shared values and ideals.

Then we had a news reading segment by Athira which was informative and engaging.

The morning assembly focused on the importance of Universal Children’s Day, shedding light on the significance of advocating for children’s rights and well-being globally. Wafa highlighted the need for collective efforts to ensure every child’s access to education, healthcare, and a safe environment. She raised awareness and encouraged a sense of responsibility among students to contribute to the welfare of children worldwide.

Overall, it was a fitting end that left the audience motivated and ready to tackle the day with enthusiasm.

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