Vayanam Book Review & Discussion: Aadu Jeevitham – Session 3

The third episode of Vayanam ; unfolded on 9th December 2023, Saturday. The most awesome program was hosted by the Literary and Reading club of the college through Google meet. The students, principal and teaching staffs of Kannur Salafi BEd college actively participated this third session also.
Ms. Anagha Anil, a BEd student welcomed the audience with her sweet voice and powerful words. And the audience eagerly heared her voice as it helped everyone to focus their mindset towards the book review session.
The day’ s session was done by Anamika K V, a B.Ed. Student. The book under scrutiny was Benyamin’s “Aadujeevitham “, It’s a book like no other. It occupies a special space in Malayalam literature, also bieng the bestseller. And this is a story of survival, pain, loss, belief and what not. It’s based on the real life of a man, who suffered a horrible life in the Arabian desert. Anamika has presented almost all the main things of the story in her own style which was beautiful. And to conclude, she has left the climax untold for the reading minds and for those who haven’t got a chance to read the book.
The book was really heart touching and the honourable principal Dr. Naseerali M K shared his personal experiences with a person in his neighbourhood, who faced almost similar of a ‘goat life’. The review was very effective in building curiosity to read the novel, and those who had read could connect with it easily. The principal along with several other participants including Ms. Riji Vijayan, Ms. Sudha, Ms. Ayafoona offered their appreciation to Anamika.
The Book review was concluded by Anagha Anil with her motivated words and then Ms. Faheema Mohamed announced the book to be reviewed next week.

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