Teaching: An Introspection.

On 11th January, 2024, the Mathematics department of Kannur Salafi B.Ed College conducted a discussion on Teaching.

The session started at 9:45am with a prayer, by Arsha and Fazna.
The session was led by Navya who began with sharing her teaching practice experiences and moved on to its rose and thorns.
She explained how a teacher should behave to his/her students.

The session was made alive with the opinion from Mrs Riji Vijayan, the Assistant Professor (Natural Science Department) of the college.
She explained ‘why the teachers have a varying behaviour in their teaching practice period and their teaching profession in real.

The session concluded at 10am, with a renewed sense of purpose and determination. The message, “A teacher should be able to understand children from their point of view, only then they can bring a change in young minds” reckons to remind the student-teachers their purpose and importance of their profession

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