International Conference on Global Perspectives in Pedagogy: Innovations and Challenges in the Teaching-Learning Continuum

17 & 18 January 2024

Organised by:

  • Institute Of Educational Technology & Vocational Education, PANJAB UNIVERSITY, CHANDIGARH

Mode: Hybrid Mode

Theme: Education is a dynamic field that constantly evolves with societal changes and technological advancements. The “International Conference on Global Perspectives in Pedagogy: Innovations and Challenges in the Teaching-Learning Continuum” seeks to provide a platform for educators, researchers, and practitioners to explore and discuss the latest trends, innovations, and challenges in the realm of education on a global scale.


  1. Technology Integration in Education:
    • Concept: This sub-theme delves into the transformative impact of technology on education. It explores how educators can effectively integrate digital tools, e-learning platforms, and gamification into their teaching methods. Discussions will encompass the advantages and challenges of technological innovations in the learning process.
  2. Inclusive Education:
    • Concept: Inclusive education is about embracing diversity within the classroom. This sub-theme focuses on strategies to create an inclusive learning environment, accommodating students with special needs, and fostering a culture of inclusivity within educational institutions.
  3. Assessment and Feedback Strategies:
    • Concept: Effective assessment and feedback are crucial components of the teaching-learning process. This sub-theme examines innovative approaches to formative and summative assessments, explores feedback mechanisms for student improvement, and considers the balance between quantitative and qualitative assessment methods.
  4. Teacher Professional Development:
    • Concept: Continuous learning for educators is essential in a rapidly changing educational landscape. This sub-theme addresses pedagogical training for emerging educational trends, mentoring and support systems for educators, and the role of ongoing professional development in improving teaching practices.
  5. Cross-Cultural Education Practices:
    • Concept: As education becomes more globalized, understanding and navigating cultural differences is paramount. This sub-theme explores how educators can adapt their practices to be culturally responsive, strategies for fostering cross-cultural understanding in education, and international collaboration in educational research and practices.
  6. Student Engagement and Motivation:
    • Concept: Engaging students and motivating them to learn are ongoing challenges for educators. This sub-theme delves into creating conducive learning environments, strategies for motivating diverse student populations, and the balance between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation in education.
  7. Globalization of Education:
    • Concept: This sub-theme examines the internationalization of curriculum and programs, challenges, and opportunities in global educational partnerships, and navigating cultural differences in a globalized educational landscape.
  8. Sustainability in Education:
    • Concept: Integrating environmental sustainability into the curriculum is increasingly important. This sub-theme explores how education can contribute to sustainable practices, promoting global citizenship, and social responsibility within educational institutions.
  9. Blended Learning Models:
    • Concept: Blended learning combines online and offline elements for a comprehensive educational experience. This sub-theme discusses the effectiveness of hybrid learning approaches, best practices in implementing blended learning, and the integration of online and offline learning experiences.
  10. Education Policy and Reform:
  • Concept: Education policies shape the landscape of teaching and learning. This sub-theme analyzes the impact of policy changes, advocates for evidence-based educational reforms, and addresses challenges and opportunities in policy implementation.

Conference Schedule:

Inaugural Session: Date: 17 January 2024 Google Meet


  • Welcome: Dr. Naseerali M.K. (Principal, Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College – Conference Coordinator)
  • Presidential Address: Dr. Kalpana Thakur (Chairperson, Institute of Educational Technology & Vocational Education, Panjab University – Conference Convenor)
  • Inauguration: Prof. Arshad Ikram Ahmad (Head, Department of Educational Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia)
  • Keynote Address: Prof. Aejaz Masih (Professor, Department of Educational Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia)
  • Overview of the Conference: Dr. Quazi Ferdousi Islam (Associate Professor, DES, JMI – Conference Co-Coordinator)
  • Vote of Thanks: Dr. A. Blessingmary (Assistant Professor, DoE, Mother Teresa Women’s University – Conference Organising Secretary)

Day 1: 17 January 2024

12.00 PM – Offline at Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College

Invited Presentation

Topic: Teaching the TikTok Generation: In the Age of Artificial Intelligence Resource Person: Dr. Eugene Sivadas, Dean, Lam Family College of Business, San Francisco State University, USA

Welcome: Faheema Mohamed, B.Ed. Student, Dept. of English, Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College

Introductory Remarks: Dr. Naseerali MK, Principal, Kannur Salafi B.Ed College

Dr. Eugene Sivadas discussed challenges and opportunities for teachers in the digital age, emphasizing the need for flexibility, decentralization, and the role of AI in education. A discussion followed, allowing students to ask questions.

Felicitation: Abdulla TP, Administrative officer, Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College

Vote of Thanks: K.P. Drisya, Chairperson, Students’ Union

Session 1 (Hosted By: MTWU )
In Session 1, hosted by Panjab University (PU), the welcome address was extended by Dr. A. Blessingmary, Assistant Professor in the Department of Education at MTWU. Serving as the Chair and Resource Person for this session was R. Nagomi Ruth, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Special Education at Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science and Higher Education for Women in Coimbatore. The presenters in this session covered a diverse range of topics. Mrs. ASWATHY C K delved into the exploration of the preparedness for Learning Management Systems (LMS) among teacher educators and B.Ed. students in the current education scenario. Haseena. K. V was scheduled to present at a later time. Mrs. Kalyani Arumugam shared insights on “Enhancing Academic Achievement Through Hybrid Learning,” while Aamir Majeed discussed the “Integration of ICT in Teacher Training Institutions: A Transformation in the Paradigm of Teacher Education.” Mona Sedwal focused on “Education Policies on Teacher Education and Curriculum Reforms: Complementing Pathways in School Education,” and DHEERAJ KUMAR presented on “ICT integrated Teaching-Learning for Sustainable Economic Growth: A paradigm shift through NEP-2020.”

Session 2 (Hosted by: Panjab University)

In Session 2, hosted by Panjab University (PU), the welcome was extended by Prashasti Singh, a Research Scholar at Panjab University. Dr. Kalpana Thakur, Chairperson of the Institute Of Educational Technology & Vocational Education at Panjab University, served as the Chair and Resource Person for this session. The presenters covered a diverse array of topics. Rajwinder Kaur explored the “E-LEARNING: IMPACT ON PSYCHOSOCIAL COMPETENCE,” while Shagun Agrawal was scheduled to present at a later time. MOHD ABAD discussed “Digital Literacy Skills: A Necessary Condition for Building Digital Resilience Among Students.” Dr. Ashvini Patil had submitted an abstract. Nandini Shaji presented on “Technology Integration: A Study on Class IX Mathematics Textbooks in the Kerala State Syllabus,” and Tanvi Chopra focused on “INFORMATION AND TECHNOLOGY COMMUNICATION (ICT) AND TEACHING-LEARNING IN 21ST CENTURY.” A M HASHEENAA BAGEM explored “Canva Magic Write: An efficient AI tool for Content Creation in Education.”

Session 3 (Hosted by: Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College)

In Session 3, hosted by Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College (KSBC), the session commenced with a welcome from Vijisha CP, an Assistant Professor at KSBC. Dr. S. Ammani, an Assistant Professor at BVRIT Hyderabad College of Engineering for women in Hyderabad, took on the role of Chair and Resource Person. The presenters covered various aspects of technology integration in education. KRISHNENDU.S.D presented on “Strengthening of secondary education: A study on teacher engagement in samagra portal,” while JAVAID AHMAD KHAN delved into “A study on the effect of ICT on students’ academic achievement and motivation.” Pooja Sharma explored the “Role of information and communication (ICT) integration in Education: A Review Paper,” and Kanimozhi G discussed “The Power of integration technology in pedagogy teaching.” Dr. Bhawna Bisht was yet to submit her presentation, and Reshmi. R. K focused on “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE TOOL ON SIMULATED EXPERIMENTS CAN HELP IN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.”

Session 4 (Host: Jamia Millia Islamia)

In Session 4, hosted by Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI), the welcome was extended by Ms. Nudrat Saleem, a Research Scholar at Jamia Millia Islamia. Dr. Uzma Siddiqui, Assistant Professor in the Department of Education at Aligarh Muslim University, served as the Chair and Resource Person for this session. The presenters explored various dimensions of technology integration in education. SADIYA SIDDIQ presented on “ICT Mediated Teaching in Mathematics.” Dr. Mouna Gupta and Dr. (Mohd.) Mamur Ali jointly discussed “Blended Learning as an Emerging Approach in TEIs: Prospects & Challenges.” Khadijah Aziz shed light on the “Awareness of School Teachers towards DIKSHA App.” S. Mohanapriya addressed “Education Technology: Unveiling Meaning, Concept, and Objectives in Contemporary Learning Environment.” Fouziya Begum S explored “Technology Integration in Education.” Faheema Mohamed delved into “Upskilling and Reskilling for the New Normal of Education.” Shahbaz focused on “Gamification in Education,” and Ayfoona Abdul Razak discussed “Edu Influencers- Teachers on Social Media.”

Session 5 (Hosted By: Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College)

In Session 5, hosted by Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College (KSBC), the welcome was extended by Anitha PC, an Assistant Professor at KSBC. Dr. Rekha P. from Farook Training College, Kozhikode, served as the Chair and Resource Person for this session. The presenters focused on inclusive education and its significance. Dr. Rose Kiran Pinto presented on “Socio-emotional Skills among Secondary School Students of Standard Nine in terms of Gender and Demographic Location of Udupi District.” Rajesh Kumar Pathak introduced the concept with “An Introduction of Inclusive Education.” Dr. Rajeshwari Garg was yet to present. Dr. C.B. Vikram explored the “EDUCATIONAL SIGNIFICANCE OF INCLUSION IN REDUCING JUVENILE DELINQUENCY.” JYOTHI H D highlighted the “Vital role of Teachers, Parents, and Students as a joint venture in inclusive education.” Deepika Kamboj discussed the “Effective Role of Parents Teachers Partnership in Inclusive Education,” while Mamta Goyat presented on the “Significance of Inclusive Education in Fostering Social Justice in India.”

Session 6 (Hosted by: Mother Teresa Women’s University)

In Session 6, hosted by Mother Teresa Women’s University (MTWU), the welcome was extended by Dr. A. Blessingmary, an Assistant Professor at MTWU. Dr. Noora Abdulkader from Aligarh Muslim University served as the Chair and Resource Person for this session. The presenters delved into various aspects of inclusive education and transformative reforms. Pooja presented on “Transformative Education Reforms: Catalyzing Social Justice in India,” while Prabhleen Saini explored “Exploring Participatory Pedagogy for Cultivating Inclusivity in the Classroom.” PRAKASHA C shared insights on “Transforming Education: A Journey Towards Transgender Inclusion.” RAKSHITA KAREN VINCENT investigated “Digital Therapeutics as an Intervention Strategy to counter Behavioral Challenges in Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the Secondary level: A Review study.” Anusree K P focused on “Towards equality: A study on Inclusive practices in schools,” and SHAINY MOLE P T discussed “Embrace Diversity: Inclusive Education a New Normal.” Tarana Anjum presented on “Teachers’ attitude towards inclusive schools for children with special needs,” and DR. MEENAKSHI SHARMA explored “Inclusive Classroom.” Dr. KOTRA BALAYOGI investigated “An Investigation into the Use of Technology for Stress Management Among Twenty-First Century Adolescents.”

Session 7 (Hosted by: Panjab University)

In Session 7, hosted by Panjab University (PU), the welcome was extended by Prashasti Singh, a Research Scholar at PU. Prof. Kaushal Kishore, Former Head and Dean, Professor at Jamia Millia Islamia, served as the Chair and Resource Person, while Dr. Quazi Ferdoushi Islam, Associate Professor at DES, JMI, acted as the Co-chair. The presenters explored the realm of teacher professional development. Ms. Farida Khopoliwala was yet to present, while Mirza Humaira Batul investigated “An investigation of the gender disparity in the teaching abilities of trainee teachers.” CATHRINE ASHA S and DR. A. BLESSING MARY collaborated on “Teachers professional development in online social networking sites.” Jagirdar Lubna Batool presented on “Empowering Educators: Navigating Continuous Professional Development In Alignment With NEP 2020 In India.”

Session 8 (Hosted by: Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College)

In the eighth and final session of the day, hosted by Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College (KSBC), the welcome was provided by Dr. Naseerali MK, the Principal of KSBC. Dr. Muhammed KV, Assistant Professor at the School of Pedagogical Sciences, MG University, Kottayam, served as the Chair and Resource Person. The presenters explored various dimensions of teacher professional development. Madan Kumar shared insights on “Humor as an Effective Teaching Strategy,” while A. Devi presented on the “Awareness on Utilization of Community Resources in Teaching Chemistry at the Secondary School Level.” PRIYA T, along with Prof. (Dr.) M. JESA, delved into “Teacher Accountability in the Indian Context – A Meta-Analysis.” Savita Devi explored “Emotional Intelligence Among Teacher Trainees,” and Sheeba Kazmi focused on the “Impact of Pre-service Teachers’ Training on the Role of English Teachers Teaching English as a Second Language.” Amjad Kamal, along with Dr. Shahla Shabeeh Shaheen, investigated “An Investigation of Grit in Relation to Certain Demographic Variables of Trainee Teachers.” Mary Kumari and Prakasha G S jointly presented on the “Implications of Reflective Practices in the Ongoing Professional Development and Improving Teaching Practices.” RAMESH explored “Empowering Educators: Navigating Continuous Professional Development in Alignment With NEP 2020 in India,” while Nirmala J. also made a presentation on A study on innovative teaching and learning techniques among B. Ed trainees in this session.

These sessions collectively provided a comprehensive overview of the diverse research and insights presented at the International Conference on Global Perspectives in Pedagogy, highlighting the evolving landscape of education, technology integration, and inclusive practices.

DAY 2: 18 JANUARY 2024

Invited Presentation on Transforming Assessment Practices

SESSION 9 (Hosted by: Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College)
In Session 9, hosted by Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College (KSBC) and held from 11:45 AM to 01:30 PM, Dr. Anshu Mathur, Assistant Professor at Amity Institute of Education, Amity University, Noida, assumed the role of Chair. The session commenced with a gracious welcome extended by Riji Vijayan, Assistant Professor at Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College. Presenters and their respective topics included DEEPTHI SURESH and Dr. Bindu Joseph with “Provisions for Cross-Cultural Practices in Teacher Education Curriculum,” Vijayalakshmi S addressing “Cross-Cultural Education Practices,” Mohd Raziq and Dr. Shilpa S. Popat discussing “Digital Access to Education among Remote Tribal Nomads in Jammu and Kashmir,” Prashasti Singh along with Dr. Kalpana Thakur exploring the “IMPACT OF COMPETENCY BASED EDUCATION ON LEARNING OUTCOMES,” Monal presenting on “Enhancing Learning of Students through Formative Feedback in Higher Education,” and Jasmine J shedding light on the “Inevitability of Assessment and Feedback Strategies in the Teaching-Learning Continuum.”

SESSION 10 (Hosted by: Mother Teresa Women’s University)

On January 18, 2024, Session 10 unfolded as a parallel session on Platform-2 from 11:45 AM to 01:30 PM. Dr. Sameer Babu M., Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Studies at Jamia Millia Islamia, assumed the role of Chair and Resource Person. The session commenced with a warm welcome from Dr. A. Blessingmary. Presenters and their respective topics included N. REVATHY and Dr. A. Blessingmary discussing “The Family Environment Promotes Student Engagement and Motivation,” LULU S KAPPIL exploring “Student Engagement and Motivation Through Performing Arts Integration in the English Classroom,” SAROJ RANI shedding light on “Nurturing Students Engagement: An Educator’s Role in Fostering Autonomy, Competence, And Relatedness in the Teaching-Learning Process,” Dr. Poonam Punia along with DR. SUSHIL KUMAR presenting on “Unleashing the Power of Peer Learning: How Collaborative Interaction Elevates Student Engagement and Motivation in Education,” Ankita delving into “Metacognitive Strategies: An Approach Towards Student Engagement and Motivation,” Sneha E and Dr. A. Blessingmary on “Student Engagement and Motivation,” and Dr. Prithi Venkatesh along with Nisha A and Ms. Sreevidya M.S sharing insights on the “Efficacy of Indigenous Rhymes in Developing Student Engagement and Motivation.”

Session 11 (Hosted by: Panjab University)

On January 18, 2024, Session 11 unfolded in the afternoon from 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM on Platform-1. Professor Anita Rastogi, the Former Head of the Department of Educational Studies at the Faculty of Education, Jamia Millia Islamia, took on the role of Chair and Resource Person. The session commenced with a warm welcome from Prashasti Singh, a Research Scholar at Panjab University. The presenters and their respective topics included Vinitha G and Dr. A. Blessingmary discussing “Student Engagement and Motivation,” Saim Atique exploring “Exploring the Relationship between Academic Performance and Psychological Well-Being among Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students,” Lumina.P sharing insights on “Students Engagement and Motivation,” G S Smitha Nair presenting on “The Impact of Globalization on Education and Career Development,” and Nadella Jayaprada delving into “Cultivating Critical Thinking and Creativity Through Pedagogical Practices.”

Session 12 (Hosted by: Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College)

On January 18, 2024, during Session 12, hosted by Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College (KSBC), the afternoon unfolded on Platform-2 with a parallel session from 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM. Dr. Asjad Ansari, Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Studies at Jamia Millia Islamia, led the session as Chair and Resource Person. Arya Chandran, Assistant Professor at KSBC, extended a warm welcome to the attendees. The presenters and their insightful topics comprised Vinita Dhawan addressing “Promoting Student Learning Environment for Optimal Learning,” Sreevidya. R and Dr. Mubi. K. Mohamed Ali exploring “Lifestyle and Attitude towards Sustainable Development Goals among Prospective Teachers at the Secondary Level,” Prashasti Singh collaborating with Dr. Kalpana Thakur on the “Impact of Competency-Based Education on Learning Outcomes,” Ridhi Sood presenting on “Professional Development of ECCE Teachers: Education for Sustainable Development,” Dr. Mamta Pal examining “Integration of Sustainable Development in Teacher Education: A Narrative Study,” Suvarnalata and Dr. P B Kavyakishore shedding light on “Language Writing Skills of Secondary School Students,” Dr. Seema Gopinath focusing on the “Role of Fourth Industrial Revolution and Education 4.0 on Sustainable Development in Education,” and Usha P V along with Smitha P delving into the “Analysis of Environmental Sustainability in Relation to Environmental Responsibility among Upper Primary Students.”

Session 13 (Hosted by: Jamia Millia Islamia)

On January 18, 2024, during Session 13, hosted by Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI), the afternoon session unfolded on Platform-3 from 02:30 PM to 03:30 PM. Mr.Shahid Jamal, research Scholar, JMI welcomed the audience and presenters. Dr. M.V. Sudhakaran, Head of the School of Social Sciences at Tamilnadu Open University, presided as the Chair and Resource Person. The presenters and their engaging topics included Dr. S.Ammani presenting on the “Impact of Artificial Intelligence Enabled Technological Pedagogical Implications in Higher Education,” Ghazala Parveen exploring “Perception of Pre-service Teachers toward Blended Learning in the Teaching-Learning Process,” Sangeetha Mary B delving into the “Exploration of the Efficacy and Challenges of Blended Learning Models in Contemporary Pedagogy,” Swarnali Roy Choudhury and Dr. Nabanita Debnath examining the “Effectiveness of the Blended Model of Teaching-Learning in Today’s Globalized World,” Dr. Shumaila Saif Siddiqui revolutionizing education through “Exploring Innovative Blended Learning Models for the Modern Classroom,” and Dr. Sangeeta Yaduvanshi presenting insights on “NEP 2020: Vision for Sustainable Education.”

Session 14 (Hosted by: Mother Teresaa Women’s University)

On January 18, 2024, during Session 14 hosted by Mother Teresa Women’s University (MTWU), the afternoon session unfolded on Platform-1 from 03:05 PM to 04:30 PM. Dr. Uzma Siddiqui from the Department of Education at Aligarh Muslim University assumed the role of Chair and Resource Person. The session commenced with a warm welcome from Dr. A. Blessingmary, Assistant Professor at Mother Teresa Women’s University.

The presenters and their insightful topics included Dr. Pratibha Khare discussing the “Emerging Need of Blended Learning,” Dr. Sarla Rani Suman presenting a “Comparative Study of the Flex Model of Blended Learning between Government and Private School Students,” Dr. Fatma Gausiya delving into “Blended Learning: A Vision for the Future,” Mariya Waseem and Sana Mukhtar Khan exploring “Exploring Pre-service Teachers’ Perception towards Blended Learning in the Context of NEP 2020,” Uma. V discussing “Blening light on “Blended Learning: A Creative Teaching Approach of Learning.”ded Learning Models and 21st Century Skills: Prospects in Higher Education,” and Dr. Kavita Srivastava shedd

Session 15 (Hosted by: Panjab University)

In the afternoon of January 18, 2024, during Session 15 hosted by Panjab University (PU), the parallel session unfolded on Platform-2 from 03:10 PM to 04:30 PM. Dr. Sajjad Ahmed, Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Studies at Jamia Millia Islamia, took on the role of Chair and Resource Person. The session commenced with a welcoming address by Prashasti Singh, a research scholar from Panjab University.

The presenters and their insightful topics included Dr. Suhasini Anil Bhujbal discussing “Education Policies and Reforms,” Harsimranjit Kaur presenting on “Education Policy and Reforms,” and Nandkumar Digamberrao Balure shedding light on “Education Policy and Reform.”

1. Presentation Certificates

Certificate IDDate of IssuingFull Name
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-00220-January-2024Dr. S. Nazeemunnisa Begum
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-00420-January-2024Dr. Ranita Banerjee
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-00520-January-2024Ms. Suman
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-00620-January-2024Ashish Kumar
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-00720-January-2024Harsimranjit Kaur
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-01420-January-2024Vinitha G
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-01620-January-2024Mohd Raziq
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-01720-January-2024Nandini Shaji
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-01820-January-2024Aamir Majeed
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-01920-January-2024Saim Atique
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-02220-January-2024Jasmine J
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-02320-January-2024Mamta Goyat
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-02420-January-2024Kanimozhi G
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-02620-January-2024Pooja Sharma
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-02820-January-2024Ridhi Sood
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-03020-January-2024Dr. Veena Khilnani
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-03220-January-2024Dr.Rajeshwari Garg
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-03320-January-2024Dr. Sarla Rani
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-03420-January-2024Prabhleen Saini
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-03620-January-2024Sreevidya. R
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-03720-January-2024Dr Rose Kiran Pinto
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-03820-January-2024Dr. Manju N. D
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-03920-January-2024Dr. Sangeeta Yaduvanshi
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-04020-January-2024Dr Shumaila Saif Siddiqui
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-04120-January-2024Smitha. P
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-04220-January-2024Dr. Mona Sedwal
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-04420-January-2024Vinita Dhawan
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-04520-January-2024Savita Devi
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-04620-January-2024Vijayalakshmi S
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-04720-January-2024Prof.(Dr.) M. Jesa
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-04920-January-2024Madan Kumar
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-05120-January-2024Rajesh Kumar Pathak
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-05320-January-2024Nisha A
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-05520-January-2024Nandkumar Digamberrao Balure
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-05620-January-2024S. Mohanapriya
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-05820-January-2024Prashasti Singh
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-05920-January-2024Dr Gagandeep Kaur Dhillon
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-06020-January-2024Sneha E
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-06120-January-2024Sheeba kazmi
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-06220-January-2024Swarnali Roy Choudhury
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-06320-January-2024Jagirdar Lubna Batool
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-06420-January-2024Dr. Bhawna Bisht
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-06520-January-2024Dr. Mouna Gupta
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-06620-January-2024Tarana Anjum
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-06720-January-2024Dr.Prithi Venkatesh
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-06920-January-2024Deepika kamboj
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-07020-January-2024Ayfoona Abdul Razak
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-07120-January-2024Amjad Kamal
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-07320-January-2024Dr Kavita Srivastava
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-07520-January-2024Dr. Uzma Siddiqui
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-07620-January-2024Dr Poonam Punia
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-07720-January-2024Anusree K P
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-08020-January-2024Nadella Jayaprada
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-08120-January-2024Fouziya Begum.S
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-08420-January-2024Dr. Bindu Joseph
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-08620-January-2024Dr. (Mohd.) Mamur Ali
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-08720-January-2024Dr. Shaikh Fahemeeda
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-08820-January-2024Dr. Seema Gopinath
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-08920-January-2024Mary Kumari J A
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-09020-January-2024Dr. Fatma Gausiya
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-09120-January-2024Dr. Shahla Shabeeh Shaheen
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-09320-January-2024Dr.Manu Sharma
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-09420-January-2024Dr. P B Kavyakishore
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-09620-January-2024Dr. Shilpa S. Popat
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-09820-January-2024Prakasha G S
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-09920-January-2024Dr Promila Dabas
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-10120-January-2024G S Smitha Nair
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-10220-January-2024Tanvi Chopra
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-10520-January-2024Faheema Mohamed
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-10820-January-2024Uma. V
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-10920-January-2024Mirza Humaira Batul
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-11120-January-2024Rajwinder Kaur
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-11220-January-2024Reshmi. R. K
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-11420-January-2024Dr. Suhasini Anil Bhujbal
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-11520-January-2024Dr. D. Ashalatha
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-11620-January-2024Ms. Sreevidya M.S
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-11820-January-2024Dr. M. Ponnambaleswari
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-12020-January-2024Beena B.S
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-12120-January-2024Dr.Mubi.K.Mohamed Ali
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-12220-January-2024Ghazala Parveen
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-12420-January-2024Mrs. Kalyani Arumugam
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRES-12620-January-2024Dr. Faisal. K. V

Participation Certificates

Certificate IDDate of IssuingFull Name
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRTCPNT-08524-January-2024Aghin Lakshman
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRTCPNT-02524-January-2024Ajinasha MP
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRTCPNT-02924-January-2024Anagha Anil
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRTCPNT-02824-January-2024Anamika K V
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRTCPNT-03024-January-2024Anaswara P K
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRTCPNT-04224-January-2024Anusree K
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRTCPNT-03824-January-2024Arya Chandran K
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRTCPNT-02424-January-2024Aswathi S Thirumump
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRTCPNT-04424-January-2024Athulya Priya K
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRTCPNT-01120-January-2024Bhagyashri Ramesh Rathod
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRTCPNT-01924-January-2024Deepa Jayachandran
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRTCPNT-05324-January-2024Devika c
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRTCPNT-00120-January-2024Dr R Thangamani
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRTCPNT-06224-January-2024Drishya Purushothaman P V
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRTCPNT-02024-January-2024Harikrishnan P. M
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRTCPNT-03224-January-2024Harsha Chandran
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRTCPNT-02124-January-2024Jefrina Jain Dsouza
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRTCPNT-01824-January-2024Krishnendu. M. P
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRTCPNT-00420-January-2024Mariyam Hameer
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRTCPNT-05724-January-2024Nehla Sherin. K
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRTCPNT-04024-January-2024Preethi. K
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRTCPNT-04524-January-2024Prinsha. N
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRTCPNT-08824-January-2024Rakhi Ramachandran
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRTCPNT-02624-January-2024Ramshana M
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRTCPNT-04824-January-2024Sahala Abdul Sathar P.P
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRTCPNT-02224-January-2024Sanika. K. P
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRTCPNT-00720-January-2024Shashikala Patel
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRTCPNT-06024-January-2024Shilpa Dilip Nair
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRTCPNT-08624-January-2024Sukanya K
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRTCPNT-05824-January-2024Vijisha C P
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRTCPNT-06124-January-2024Vrinda Pradeepnath
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRTCPNT-01724-January-2024Wafa Muhmed Ashraf
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRTCPNT-00924-January-2024Ms. Monika
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRTCPNT-00524-January-2024Gurjashan Singh
KSBC-JMI-MTWU-PU-INTCONF-PRTCPNT-00124-January-2024Aswin Raveendran

Resource Persons Certificates
The certificates are issued to all the resource persons who have done invited presentations and to the resource persons who chaired the sessions.


On a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the highest, how would you rate the event?What are the three things that you liked the most in this conference?What are the things that you disliked the most?How would you rate the organization and scheduling of sessions?How helpful was the event staff?How good the selection of the resource persons is?How much the information was provided to you to help you better understand the event? (Through email/whatsapp)Did the conference meet your expectations?Did the event help you with new learnings or knowledge?Do you have any other comments/suggestions that would help us make future events better?
5Timing, Resource Persons and of course the timely responses and support from the part of CoordinatorsVery good55All of the informationYesYesExpecting more activities only
5Nice,superb coordination,more informativeVery good55All of the informationYesYesNice
5Arrangements, technical aspectsNilVery good55All of the informationYesYes
4Appropriate theme and sub themes for conference
Announcement of schedule in advance
Selection of Chairperson of sessions
Time managementGood44All of the informationMaybeYesTo make inauguration and valedictory session compulsory for all
5Sessions, organization, coordinationNo suchVery good55All of the informationYesYesNo
5The hybrid mode , Engaging of the Resource Person and fruitful suggestionsNothingVery good55All of the informationYesYesBe the part of your further confrences
5CommunicationNothingVery good55All of the informationYesYesNo
5Informative, disciplined and we’ll organisedNothingVery good55All of the informationYesYesInformative
5Accuracy, immediate response, time managementNothing like thatVery good55All of the informationYesYesTry to conduct event by offline, some more time for presentation is required.
5good organised, proper timely update and cooperative staffgive more time to presentVery good55All of the informationYesYesbring more like this
4SessionsVery good45Most of the informationYesYesreduce amount for paper presentation
5Panchuality, good responses, more quriosityNothingVery good55All of the informationYesYesNothing
51. Time management 2. Conference key speakers address 3. Handling our issues and last but not the least your support.Every thing was so good.Very good55All of the informationYesYesPlease organise such events in future also but in blended mode so that it would be more participatory and inclusive.
5InteractionsNoVery good55All of the informationYesYesMore interactions
51. The session was so nice.
2. Persons there at meet was so humble.
3. The session was so informative. These are the things I liked.
Very good44All of the informationYesYesEverything was so satisfying.
4Organizing, topics, reviewTime limitVery good55Most of the informationYesYesExcellent and enhances thoughts
5Well Organised
Time Management
Not anyVery good55All of the informationYesYesOffline interaction was missing
5Panel was good, timing, informative and helpful presentationsVery good55All of the informationYesYesNothing
4Collaboration, Hybrid Mode and Quality CheckNilGood45Most of the informationYesYesNil
4Management of Conference, Resource Persons and Good Communication system.Very good44All of the informationYesYesMore such type of Conference should me organised in future by your institution
5Timely updates, organization and resource personsGood44Most of the informationYesYesM
5Timely execution, Updated Conference Theme, Local and Global PartcipationNothingVery good55All of the informationYesYesWould like to collaborate in near future at the University Level
4Planning, Organizing and ImplementingNilVery good55All of the informationYesYesMore participants can be enrolled
5Management, Resource Persons, cooperationNothingVery good54Most of the informationYesYesNone
5Conference feedbackNothingVery good55All of the informationYesYesI got new knowledge
4Commitments Discipline and Time SenseTechnical issue to be resolveVery good54Most of the informationYesYesConduct offline sessions in future
5Schedule sessions, quick response and cooperation by organisersNothingVery good55All of the informationYesYesAll is very good
5Blended opportunity, good team work and a proper intimacyLack of awareness of the participantsVery good55All of the informationYesYesVery good experience
4Multidisciplinary approach
Sessions are organised systematically
Opportunity for learning from any where (online mode)
May be more time should be alloted fir sessions for more fruitful discussions on the various themes of the conferenceVery good54All of the informationYesYesContinue to conduct conferences in hybrid mode and more time should be there for sessions.
4Management, cooperationNoneGood54Most of the informationYesYesNone
5The arrangements, the co operation and the themeVery good55Most of the informationYesYesIf we could have the online presentations as the evening sessions
5Well organised, systematic, enriched contentVery good55All of the informationYesYesNo
5Relevancy, Management, punctualityNAVery good55All of the informationYesYesWant more events like this
5Properly managed all the conferenceNothingVery good44Most of the informationYesYesIt should be organized like this conference in the future
4As this was my first presentation
I got to know how to present paper
Got to know various other research area of interest
And insights from various resource persons
Very good55Most of the informationYesYesNo
4Scheduling, overall coordination and serviceGood45Most of the informationYesYesHoping for more presentations and seminars
5Timing and expert knowledgeVery good55All of the informationYesYesExcellent
5Very systematic and clear way of organizational skillsNothingVery good43All of the informationYesYesNo
4Very wel planned and OrganizationNothingVery good54All of the informationYesYesGood work. Thank u sir
4Systemically organized.Good55Most of the informationYesYesSharing of more link at particular time create confusion.
5Oraganizinig, planning, timely issue resolveWell planned so no negative remarksVery good55All of the informationYesYesInvite for such future conference
5Organisations, session schedulingVery good54All of the informationYesYesOrganisation was good
5Proper communication and clear instructions. Well organised.NoneVery good55All of the informationYesYesNone
4Engaging, deep research, organizingGood55All of the informationYesYesNo
4Schedule, Resource persons, Time management.Good44All of the informationYesYesValidictory session should be there.
5Upto date knowledge,
Good platform for all researchers,
Confidence enhancer feedback from resource dignitaries
A bit network issueVery good55All of the informationYesYesIt was all awesome
5Heard various topics knowledge gained and motivated to participate various conferences on topicsNilVery good55All of the informationYesYesVery nice information by resource persons
5Theme,resource persons,time managementVery good55All of the informationYesYesSelection of quality papers
Well coordinated
Nicely organised
Nothing reallyVery good45All of the informationYesYesMore of such conferences should take place with Diverse topics
5I would just tell you that I have never ever attended such an amazing conference.Very good55All of the informationYesYesmy sincere gratitude for organizing such an excellent conference. The event was well-planned and executed, and I gained a lot from this event.
5It was organised well.Everything was goodVery good55All of the informationYesYesEverything was good
5Excellent organization and arrangementVery good55All of the informationYesYesexcellent
5ManagementNoneVery good55All of the informationYesYesNone
5Time management, well organised, less disturbanceNothing specificGood43Most of the informationYesYesGood
5Very Informative conferenceNAVery good55All of the informationYesYesNA
5Excellent management of ConferenceNoVery good54All of the informationYesYesArrange this type of Conference again
2.organization of the program
3.Time scheduled
NoVery good44All of the informationYesYesKeep going on. Really i learn lot here.
Thank u for this opportunity
5THE FEEDBACK FROM THE CHAIRPERSONNAVery good55All of the informationYesYesNA
5The sessions and interactionVery good55All of the informationYesYesMake sure that the resource person are from different institutions
5Good speakers organization and themesVery good55Most of the informationYesYesGood
5Im fresher to present my paper….. I really used this opportunity and shine myself.NoVery good55Most of the informationYesYesKeep going
5interactive sessions, no major technical issues, got new ideas and i would like to give special thanks to dr. Naseer Ali sir for his cooperation.nothingVery good55All of the informationYesYesno
5The expertise of the resource persons. The punctuality with which the schedule was followed. The efficiency of the organisers.Very good44All of the informationYesYesNo suggestions. The organisers are excellent in their execution.
51. Way of conducting conference with full information and every possible help.
2. Appreciating each presentation in a very humble manner.
3. Giving a lots of Information which help the educators .
NothingVery good55All of the informationYesYesKeep doing such kind of conferences online so that other states people are also able to learn and explore their way of teaching.
5Keynote speakesNothingVery good54All of the informationYesYesA very good conference.
5Each and every thing was well planned and properly executedNothing specificGood55All of the informationYesYesWould like to participate in such more events, nice experience
5Timely information, punctuality and preparedness for the eventNot applicableVery good55All of the informationYesYeswould like to be associated with the learning community
4Resource person have given valuable information
Chairperson have given good feedback regarding the paper
Due to online network glitches have seenVery good55Most of the informationYesYesNo
5Well organized. Good selection of chairperson and reasonable registration feeVery good55All of the informationYesYesNext time we can have a slot for special education also
5Proper scheduling of the event
Resource persons and their sharing of knowledge
Various subthemes selected by presenters
Time for participants to ask questions and clear doubts.
Some are not answering to what has been asked to them.
Some Slides used for presentation contains paragraphs as such and it is not shortened into crisp points.
Very good55All of the informationYesYesI am extremely satisfied with this current conference as this is more convenient and informative. The scheduling of the conference was extremely appreciative.
5Very good suggestions by resource persons, timely conducted all sessions, good cooperation and wonderfully conducted seminarNothing as suchVery good55Most of the informationYesYesLooking further for more such even
5Feedback,well organised and the expertise in various fieldNo one….Good15All of the informationYesYesNo
4Choice of resource person, organisation and themeGood45All of the informationYesYesMore varied topics
5Resource person is very good, conference is going on time, it is very informativeNothingVery good55All of the informationYesYesEverything is good
5Sessions were simultaneously run and enough time for presentation and discussion was givenTiming was scheduled in working hrs at class time, so difficult to manage the classVery good45Most of the informationYesYesPreferably presentations should be arranged afternoon
5Organised very well, correspondence methodology as excellent, conduction of session was niceNothingVery good55All of the informationYesYesIt was a nice experience
5Coordination, organisation, timingsNothingVery poor55All of the informationYesYesNo
5Themes were relevant and diverse; sessions were interactive and started as per the schedule; timely updates in scheduleNoneVery good55All of the informationYesYesOrganize such conferences three times a year
5Beautiful presentationVery good55All of the informationYesYesMake more programmes
4Organisation, discipline and professionalismNothingGood45All of the informationYesYesNo
4Technical support, organization, time managementVery good44All of the informationYesYesConduct a workshops of spss
5Very informative sessions, Time shedule and paper presentation of experienced personalities.NothingVery good55All of the informationYesYesMore publicly to the next confidence
3Time managementAcceptable33Some of the informationNoYesNo
5Organization, punctuality, knowledge sharingNothingVery good55All of the informationYesYesEverything is up to date
5Very interesting and cooperative members
Efficient participants and nicely presented papers
Interactive program
Almost all the things were good and appreciatingVery good55All of the informationYesYesIn future these types of events should be conducted again.
5Chairperson’s Expertise, time management, good resource personNothingVery good45Most of the informationYesYesIt was excellent event
4Organized, well plannedTime limit, data details missingGood44Most of the informationYesYesTime limit can be increased
5Good Guidence
Giving more suggestion for related to that topic
NilVery good55All of the informationYesYesNil
5Get new knowledge from other presentation.NothingVery good55Most of the informationYesYesVery interesting and informative session
5Proper planning and executionNothingVery good55Most of the informationYesYesGood
4Guest speakers,Hybrid mode,Title of conferenceVery good35Some of the informationYesYesPlease organise such seminars in future
5Systematic organisation, relevance of topicNilVery good55Most of the informationYesYesNil
5Arrangements, resource person.inaugural talkNoVery good55All of the informationYesYesKeep it up
5Good topic and organisation is very goodNot yetVery good54All of the informationNoYesVery useful and informative session thank you for the opportunity
5preparedness, intimations, Timely announcementsN AVery good55All of the informationYesYesN A
51.All the sessions was very useful and informative . 2. Presentations by the presenters was good. 3. The session was very supportive for Many scholars like me.Some distraction while getting connected to the Google meet.Very good55All of the informationYesYesEverything was fine
5resources personNAGood45Most of the informationYesYesgood
5Well planned, systematic arrangement, enriched contentNilVery good55All of the informationYesYesNil
5Informative sessions, goodtime management, proper co-ordinationNothingVery good55All of the informationYesYesInformative sessions
4Nice planning,very useful information give us,and last ICT management was goodNone ofGood45All of the informationYesYesGood
4Exposure to knowledge
Prompt scheduling
Good mentoring
Not that I could think ofVery good44Most of the informationYesYesNo
51. Suggestions for improvement
2. Teaching students to create eportfolio
3. Adding own views in a thematic paper
Very good55All of the informationYesYesIt was meticulously organised
4Collaboration, cooperation, comfortChange in schedule, different formats, at times poor connectivity at speaker’s endGood54Most of the informationYesYesKeep organising such events
5SatisfactoryNothingVery good55All of the informationYesYesNo
5PresentationsNilGood44Most of the informationYesYesVery Knowledgeable
5Well organized, timely updates and resource personsVery good55All of the informationYesYesNo
51.This session was very informative
2.presentaions by the presenters very good
3.we learned many things
NothingVery good45All of the informationYesYesGood
4Theme, execution and feedback mechanismGood44Most of the informationYesYesNo
5Well organisedNetwork issuesGood55Most of the informationYesYesNo
4systematicnilGood44Most of the informationYesYesnil
5Inaugural, well organised and prompt response from organisersNaVery good55All of the informationYesYesNa
5The organisatNot applicableVery good55Most of the informationYesYesSimilar sessions are solicited in future
5Meticulous planning; On time; Well CoordinatedVery good55All of the informationYesYesCan’t think of any flaws; please keep up the tempo
NothingGood44Most of the informationYesYesNot such
51. Interactive sessions 2. Relevant Topics 3. Feedback MechanismVery good55Most of the informationYesYesIt was perfect. Thank you for the opportunity.
5Very nice presentation. Good arrangement. Proper shedule followingNilVery good55All of the informationYesYesVery good
5The resource person, least confusionsNothing muchVery good55All of the informationYesYesKeep organizing events like these
5Method of Information passing is very helpful, Time management,Very good55All of the informationYesYesOffline mode
5Well planning
Very good organized
And proper guidence, with given equal chances to all the participants& presenters
NilVery good55Most of the informationYesYesThrough this conference I acquired new ideas
got it for my investigation,
5Organizing method, feedback for every presenter and motivational speech in the last.NoneVery good44All of the informationYesYesAll the functions are good
4Content innovationVery good42Most of the informationYesYesIt’s good
51. They give us opportunity to present our paper online also which is convenient for outsiders.
2. They showed interest to listen our research presentation .
3. Overall conference is really outstanding
NothingVery good55All of the informationYesYesOutstanding…please keep it up!!
5Resource persons’ and coordinators’ support, timely process & good communicationVery good55Most of the informationYesYesMore feedback may be provided to the beginners for future
4Excellent organisation and enlightened resource personsNoVery good45All of the informationYesYesAll the participants must have attendance in any session
5Order, punctuality, systematicNilVery good55Most of the informationYesYesNil
4Time management
Paper presenter
Nothing as suchVery good45Most of the informationYesYesInformative and we’ll managed
5Content, organization, technical supportNothing, very well arrangedVery good55Most of the informationYesYes
5The papers were interesting, the sessions were interactive with suggestions from the session Chair, the knowledge sharing was usefulNothing specificVery good55Most of the informationYesYesThe event was planned and organized well.
5Scheduling and session arrangingSome people were not on timeVery good55All of the informationYesYesNo
4Engaging PresentationsnothingGood44All of the informationYesYesno
4Good management, useful information,NAGood44All of the informationYesYesNA
4Planning,organizationGood44Most of the informationYesYesNo
5This conference is very Knowledgeable, valuable and interesting.No commentsVery good55All of the informationYesYesNo any suggestions
5Flexibility, Open Discussions, Productive Feedback etcNoneGood44All of the informationYesYesNone
5Interesting topics and well organized.Very good44Most of the informationYesYesNil
5Organised, time saving, clear instructionsNilVery good54Most of the informationYesYesNo
4Schedule,Resource persons, TimingsVery good45All of the informationYesYesValidictory session
5Theme speakers and organisationGood44Most of the informationYesYesAll good
5Organization, schedule, resource personsVery good55All of the informationYesYesNothing
5Organization, resource persons, hybrid modeVery good55All of the informationYesYesNo
5Good organisation
Good communication between people
Very good55All of the informationYesYesEverything was organised very nicely.
5I get new knowledge, early understanding, good presentationVery good55Most of the informationYesYesNo
5Way of taking class
Good topic
Good interaction
Very good55Most of the informationYesYesNo further suggestion
4Way of taking class
Good topic
Good interaction
Acceptable33Some of the informationMaybeYesNo further suggestions
3Skilled resource person
Clarity of topic
Network issueGood43Most of the informationYesYesNo
3NothingTeaching methods and personalityAcceptable32Some of the informationMaybeYesMake some more changes in interaction
4Skilled Resource person
Clarity of topic
Slides were not clearGood33Some of the informationSomewhatYesNo
3Expertised resource person
Good topic
Slides were not clearGood43Most of the informationYesYesGood experience altogether
4OrganisationNothingVery good45Most of the informationYesYesNothing
3Good topic
Skilled resource person
Network issueAcceptable34Most of the informationYesYesNo
4Way of presentation
Good topic
Good interaction
Acceptable44Some of the informationMaybeYesNo other suggestions
5Presentation of dignitaries
Presence of authorities
Use of slides
NothingVery good55Most of the informationYesYesTopic
4Presentation, content, languageNoVery good54Some of the informationYesYesNothing
Interaction session
Method of presenting
NothingGood33Some of the informationYesYesNothing
Interaction section
Method of presenting
Good33Some of the informationYesYesNo
4Presntation, interaction സെക്ഷൻ, method of presentationGood33Some of the informationYesYesNo suggestion
3Presentation, Interaction sections,method of presentationGood33Some of the informationYesYesNo
4Presentation,interaction section, method of presentingGood35Some of the informationYesYesNo suggestions
4Presentation, interaction section, communicationGood35Some of the informationYesYesNo suggestions
4Good interaction, good topic, way of taking classVery good44All of the informationMaybeYesNo
4Good interaction, good topic, way of taking classVery good43All of the informationMaybeYesNo
4Good resource person
Nice class
Good topic
NothingGood34Most of the informationYesYesNothing
4Good resource person,nice topic,
Good class
NothingGood44Most of the informationYesYesNothing
4Relevant topics, organization and resources person interactionVery good55Most of the informationYesYesMake some more sessions in offline it will be more effective than an online session
5Organization of event
Presentation of topic
Interaction sections
Selection of resource persons
NothingVery good55Most of the informationYesYesAll are good, well organized everything
Good44Some of the informationYesYesNo suggestions
4Well interaction,more knowledge, presentation and communication are effectivelyVery good45Most of the informationYesYesNo comments
4Participation of various dignitaries, presentation, interactionNothingVery good45Most of the informationYesYesNothing
3Communication, presentationAcceptable33Some of the informationMaybeYesNo
5This is a more informative class, presentation, communication are more effectively. Sir told about the personality skills needed by the teacherGood45Some of the informationMaybeYesNo
Good interaction
Acceptable33Some of the informationMaybeNoNo suggestion
4AttitudeNilGood44Some of the informationMaybeYesNo
4Attitude, new knowledge sharingNilGood44Some of the informationMaybeYesNo
4Way of presentation , topic SelectionNothingGood44Most of the informationYesYesNo
3InteractionGood33Some of the informationYesYesNo
3interaction,contetnt,funlong presentation, concept,words usedAcceptable43Some of the informationMaybeNonothing
4Presentation,Interactive,effectiveGood43Some of the informationMaybeYesNothing
5Subjects, timeVery good55Most of the informationYesYesNo
3CommunicationGood34Most of the informationYesYesNo suggestion
3Way of interactionExamples usedGood32Some of the informationNoNoThe resources person should accept the views of audience
3Way of interactionExamples usedGood31Some of the informationNoNoThe resource person should aspects the audience’s views
3GoodGood33Some of the informationYesYesNo
3Presentation skill, interaction, involvement of dignitariesVery good33Some of the informationYesYesNo
4Organisation, scheduleNothingGood43Most of the informationYesYesNo
4Interactive sessions
Got opportunity to familiarise good informations
Way of presentation
Good44Most of the informationMaybeYesNo comments
4The presentation modeDistractionVery good55Most of the informationYesYesNo
3His way of presentation
Postive acceptance of criticism
Certain generalisationsAcceptable43Some of the informationMaybeYesNo comments
3Way of presentation
Positive acceptance of criticism
Certain generalizationGood33Some of the informationMaybeYesNo Comments
4PresentationSome perspectivesGood44Most of the informationMaybeYesChange some perspectives
4Presentation,Interaction, New informationsNilVery good43Most of the informationMaybeYesNil
New knowledge gaining
NilVery good44Most of the informationMaybeYesNil
4Communication,new knowledge gaining and interactionGood44Most of the informationYesYesNil
4Topic presentation was niceGood44Most of the informationMaybeYesMake it more interested
4The topic presentation was very good
Good45Most of the informationYesYesMake it more interest
4The topic presentation was very good.Good44Some of the informationMaybeYesMake it more interest
4Topic presentation was clearGood45Most of the informationYesYesMake it more interesting
2presentation, moderation & topicGood44Some of the informationYesYesno
5Topic selection
Way of talking
Very good55Most of the informationYesYesNo
5Topic selection,presentation,selection of resource personVery good55Most of the informationYesYesNo
5Topic selection, presentation, resource personVery good55Most of the informationYesYesNo
5Topic, presentation, resource personGood55Most of the informationYesYesNo
5Topic , presentation, resource personsVery good55Most of the informationYesYesNo
3His confidence
Way of talking
Good34Most of the informationYesYesTyming should be minimized
Way of presentation
Good33Most of the informationMaybeYesTime management
Way of talking
Good44Some of the informationYesYesTime should be minimized
4Interactive,good presentation,NothingGood44Some of the informationMaybeYesNo
4Good presentation
NothingGood44Some of the informationMaybeYesNo
4Interactive,good presentationNothingGood44Some of the informationMaybeYesNo
New knowledge
NilGood43Some of the informationMaybeYesNil
4Deliverance of the matter
Sound disturbanceVery good44Some of the informationYesYesNothing
1വിഷയവുമായി ബന്ധമില്ലാത്ത അവതരണം.Good31A little of the informationNoNoകൂടുതൽ ആക്ടീവായിരിക്കണം.
4Good presentation in PPT and projector.
Feed back session about the conference.
Participation of people’s.
Good44Some of the informationYesYesNo
3CommunicationVery good54Most of the informationYesYesNo
2Exposure to different resource person, online and offline sessions, use of technologyLecture method, network issue, topic discussed was not much challenging, it did not attract the attention of the listenersAcceptable22A little of the informationNoEvent helped to get some idea on presentation of a topicWith short attention span, long lectures won’t benefit today’s listeners
4Way of presentation , contentGood44Most of the informationYesYesNo
5KeynoteNoVery good55All of the informationYesYesNice
5Interaction, new information, intresting topicsNilVery good45Most of the informationYesYesNil
5Presentation style, time management, Session was completed without any hindranceI think we all missed some sessions as parallel sessions were goingVery good55All of the informationYesYesHoping for new sessions with more aspects related to our field
5EverythingParallel SessionGood54All of the informationYesYesNo
5Well organised sessionsVery good54All of the informationYesYesWell organization, and valuable sessions
5Presentation,Feedbacks, InteractionsNothingVery good54Most of the informationYesYesGood
5The efforts by the organizers, the selection of the chairpersons, and overall coordination.Very good55Most of the informationYesYesIt was just perfect.
5Chair person and coordinator are so cooperativeNoneVery good45All of the informationYesYesNone
5The selection of chairperson, organization of conference, and managementNoneGood44Most of the informationYesYesIt was perfect
4Way of presentingWay of speechGood34Most of the informationMaybeYesChoose better resource person
3NAMismanagementAcceptable33Some of the informationMaybeMay beImprove the management

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