On 25 th January 2024 at 12 pm The Science Cub of Kannur Salafi BEd College conducted a programme aimed at enhancing the health literacy of the students and staff. The main motive of the programme was to create an awareness among the students about the importance and right use of first aids.

The session began with a soothful prayer by Ms Aswathi S. The assembled students and the distinguished guests were welcomed warmly by Science club secretary Ms Shaniba.

The Presidential address was given by Respected Principal Dr Naseerali MK. He spoke of the necessity of knowing basic health care and first aid measures as prospective teachers. He shared some anecdotes creating a sense of urgency in the students to learn the appropriate techniques.

The awareness class was conducted by honourable chief guests Ms Shifa S (Junior Health Inspector ,Kuttiatoor FHC) and Beena K (Junior Public Health Nurse). The session was engaging and interactive. Many misconceptions about caring for the sick were addressed and clarified. They demonstrated the exact way of giving CPR, taking pulse, etc. They provided scientific and technical answers to all questions raised. They further impressed upon the students the need to assure the safety of self before attempting rescue measures.

Ms Vijisha (Assistant Professor, Department of English) addressed the gathering by congratulating the Science Club for their initiative in conducting such a session. The productive day ended with the expression of gratitude by Science Club Executive Member, Mariam.

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