World Environment day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and dedication at Kannur salafi B Ed college on June 6th ,2024.The event aimed to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote sustainable practices among students ,faculty and staff.

               The event commenced with an inaugural ceremony ..The ceremony began with a beautiful prayer by 2nd semester students..Science club secretary Ms Shaniba KM welcomed the audience and guest and the felicitation ceremony was addressed by college Principal Ms Sobha .The chief guest for the program is renowned  environmental Activist and writer Mr P V Dasan .He has been in this field as an activist for more than 20 years. He is well known for his knowledge about the medicinal plants and its uses..He has been taking classes  for students in colleges and schools across Kerala..

    He began his speech with the recent problems facing the agriculture sector..He introduced us with some of the medicinal plants which are usually seen in our compounds..

Few of the medicinal plants which he showed us are:

1. karukapullu    – Cynodon  dactylon 

2. Nilavepp – Andrographis paniculata

3. Manithakkali- Solanum nigrum

4.Koduveli- Plumbago indica

5. Adalodakam – Justicia adhatoda

6.Rakthanelli- Rivina humilis

7.Karinochi – Vitex negundo

8. Vishapachha- Clinacanthus nutans

9.Murikootti – Hemigraphis alternata

10 . Cherula -Aerva lanata

11.Chitharatha-Alpinia calcarata

12.Mrithasanjeevani – Ayapana triplinervis 

    He also told us about the use of each and every medicinal plant and many stories behind it .The session was very interesting as all the students enjoyed and acquired many information about these plants ..There was a feedback session after the class ..many of the students conveyed the wishes and thanked Mr Dasan for his valuable words .The session was concluded with a  vote of thanks by Science club member Ms Jefrina jain dsouza .Students gained a lot of information about the importance of such plants .The celebration had a greater impact on college community .

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