Kannur Salafi B.Ed College organised a yoga programme on  International Yoga Day on June 21, 2024. The event aimed to promote the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of yoga among students and staff. Mrs. Sudha M, an Assistant Professor at the college and an experienced yoga trainer, led the session. With her extensive knowledge and expertise, Mrs. Sudha guided the students through various yoga asanas, providing detailed instructions and demonstrating each posture.

The session included asanas like Tadasana (Mountain Pose): A foundational pose that improves posture and balance.

Vrikshasana (Tree Pose): A balancing pose that enhances concentration and strengthens the legs.

Naukasana (Boat Pose): An abdominal strengthening pose that engages the core muscles.

Shashankasana (Rabbit Pose): A relaxing pose that stretches the back and relieves stress.

The participants eagerly followed Mrs. Sudha’s guidance, practising each asana with enthusiasm and dedication. The session not only helped students to learn about the importance of yoga in daily life but also encouraged them to incorporate these practices for better health and well-being. The event concluded with a brief meditation session, allowing participants to experience the calming effects of mindfulness. Feedback from the students was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their appreciation for the opportunity to learn and practice yoga under expert guidance.

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