Course Overview:

This Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of mental health and well-being. The course will cover a range of topics aimed at promoting mental health, managing stress, and fostering resilience. Participants will explore practical strategies for integrating mindfulness into daily activities, understanding the psychology of emotions, and maintaining mental health through nutrition. The course will also delve into effective ways of managing change and coping with stress, with a special emphasis on cultivating resilience.


Module 1: Introduction to Mental Health

Overview of Mental Health

Importance of Mental Well-being

Common Misconceptions and Stigmas

Module 2: Mindfulness in Daily Activities

Definition and Principles of Mindfulness

Incorporating Mindfulness into Daily Life

Mindful Breathing and Meditation Practices

Module 3: SWOC Analysis for Mental Health

Understanding Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Challenges

Applying SWOC Analysis to Personal Mental Health

Developing Personalized Mental Health Strategies

Module 4: Managing Change with Resilience

Resilience: Definition and Importance

Strategies for Building and Enhancing Resilience

Adapting to Change with a Positive Mindset

Module 5: Mental Health: Pursuit to Happiness

Connection Between Mental Health and Happiness

Positive Psychology Principles

Cultivating a Positive Mindset for Improved Well-being

Module 6: Psychology of Emotion

Understanding Emotions and Their Functions

Emotional Intelligence

Managing and Regulating Emotions

Module 7: Mental Health and Nutrition

Impact of Nutrition on Mental Health

Nutritional Strategies for Mental Well-being

Relationship Between Diet and Mood

Module 8: Coping with Stress

Recognizing Sources of Stress

Stress Management Techniques

Creating a Stress-Resilient Lifestyle

Module 9: Personal Development and Goal Setting

Setting Realistic Mental Health Goals

Strategies for Personal Growth and Development

Tracking Progress and Celebrating Success

Module 10: Building a Supportive Community

Importance of Social Connections

Nurturing Supportive Relationships


Community Resources for Mental Health

Course Starts on 20 December 2023

Last Date to Register 20 December 2023

Registration Last Date:

10 December, 2023 

Certificate: Graded e-Certificate to all the eligible participants

List of Enrolled Students:  Click Here

Registration Fee:

Rs. 450 (Individual Registration)

Rs. 250 (For Bulk Registration from Students and Staff of UG & PG Students)


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