National Reading Day observation held on 19th June 2023 at KS BEd College. This special day was dedicated to celebrating the joys of reading and honoring the legacy of Dr. P. N. Panicker, the “Father of the Library Movement in Kerala,” whose birth anniversary is observed as National Reading Day across the country.

The inauguration ceremony, graced by the esteemed presence of EPR Vesala, marked the commencement of our eventful celebration. Mr. Vesala’s insightful words and support set the tone for a day filled with knowledge, inspiration, and literary exploration.

The day commenced with the lighting of the lamp, symbolizing the enlightenment that comes from the world of books and reading. It was heartening to witness the enthusiastic participation of students, faculty, and staff who gathered to pay homage to the power of literature.

A captivating book fair was organized, boasting an impressive array of literary works spanning various genres and topics. The fair provided a treasure trove for book lovers and acted as a catalyst for igniting curiosity and a thirst for knowledge.

A series of enlightening book review sessions and engaging group discussions were held throughout the day. Students and faculty members enthusiastically shared their favorite reads and exchanged ideas, resulting in a vibrant exchange of literary perspectives.

Mr. Vesala’s keynote address, titled “The Importance of Reading in Nurturing Future Educators,” resonated deeply with all attendees. His words emphasized the crucial role of teachers as nurturers of young minds and the power of reading in shaping empathetic and enlightened educators.