Teacher’s Day Celebrations 2023

Date: September 5, 2023 Venue: Multipurpose Hall-2

Introduction: On September 5, 2023, Kannur Salafi B.Ed College celebrated Teacher’s Day with great enthusiasm and gratitude for our teaching fraternity (Gurus). Due to the main hall being under renovation, the event took place in Multipurpose Hall-2. The celebration aimed to honor and appreciate the invaluable contributions of our teachers in shaping the lives of students.

Inauguration by Dr. Naseerali M.K.: The event commenced with the inauguration by our esteemed Principal, Dr. Naseerali M.K. He delivered an inspiring Teacher’s Day message, highlighting the importance of teachers as ‘gardeners’ who nurture young minds to flourish. His words resonated with the audience and set a thoughtful tone for the event.

Faculty Messages: Several faculty members, including Mr. Viswanathan TV, Mrs. Riji Vijayan, Jansi Tharal, Mrs. Dhanya, Mrs. Vijisha C.P., and Mrs. Anitha PC., shared heartfelt Teacher’s Day messages. They expressed their gratitude to their colleagues and emphasized the profound impact teachers have on students’ lives. Mr.Viswanathan TV as asked by the students shared the memorable incidents in his long teaching professional life.

Student Appreciation: To express their gratitude, students presented thoughtful gifts to their teachers. These tokens of appreciation symbolized the students’ recognition of the hard work and dedication put forth by the educators.

Student Speeches: Students were given the opportunity to share their views on teachers, teaching, learning, and Teacher’s Day. This segment allowed students to express their appreciation and reflect on the role teachers play in their lives. The speeches were heartfelt and served as a testament to the strong teacher-student bonds at Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College.

Cultural Performances: To add a touch of creativity and entertainment to the celebration, students organized various cultural performances. These included songs, dances, and skits that conveyed messages of gratitude and respect for their teachers.

Conclusion: The Teacher’s Day celebration at Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College on September 5, 2023, was a heartfelt tribute to the dedicated educators who shape the future of our students. Despite the change in venue due to the renovation of the main hall, the event was a resounding success. It reaffirmed the strong bonds between teachers and students and highlighted the profound impact teachers have on the lives of young learners.

The event concluded on a joyous note, with everyone leaving with a deeper appreciation for the noble profession of teaching. It served as a reminder that teachers are indeed the ‘gardeners’ who nurture the seeds of knowledge and help them grow into the future leaders of our society.

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