Morning Assembly : 07/11/23

The morning assembly held on 7th November 2023 conducted by Social Science Department, began with a warm welcome to all thestudents and teachers. The assembly aimed to instill a sense of unity and inspiration among the school community.

It was hosted by Preethi who was skillfully, contributing significantly to the assembly’s overall success. The assembly commenced with the recitation of prayer by Athira and Devika.Following the prayer, attention turned to the recitation of pledge by Ajinasha who led this segment with a sense of duty and respect. After the pledge, the assembly was enriched by a well-organized and informative news reading segment, skillfully conducted by Nithya. Then the assembly was marked by insightful presentation by Prinsha on the significance of Cancer Awareness Day. This segment aimed not only to raise to awareness but also to underscore the importance of collective action and support in our school community. Then the assembly was enriched by a captivating and informative word of the day segment led by Krishnendu .This unique and intellectually stimulating addition to our assembly served to enhance vocabulary and foster a love for language within our school community.

In culmination, the morning assembly held on 7th November served as a dynamic and impactful gathering that encapsulated the essence of our school community.

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