On November 13,2023,Morning assembly was conducted by the English Department. Assembly had a peaceful environment where students could focus their attention and listen to important messages, announcements, or educational content. This enhanced students alertness, focus, and willingness to learn. Thus we started our academic day with a fresh and attentive mindset.

The entire assembly was hosted by Anjitha which gave an energetic start to the day. She did her role very well and her words made each one of us to think deeper. Prayer is the raising of one’s mind and heart to God or the requesting of good things from God. So to seek the blessings from the Almighty, KP Drishya and Sahala led us with a beautiful prayer song. It created a calm and peaceful environment which helped students to take a pause from all distractions.To showcase the love towards our country, Farha led us with the pledge. Even when we are busy with our schedules, it is important to know what happens around us. Harikrishnan helped us to know about the current happenings in detail. 11th November was celebrated as National Education Day, as part of this,Drisya Purushothaman gave us brief details based on the particular day which emphasized the significance of education. It really helped us to gain more knowledge.To enrich our vocabulary, a new word was introduced by Jefrina. The word she introduced was “NETTLE” which means to annoy or to irritate.

The whole assembly was well coordinated and was completed in a good manner. All of them attentively participated in the assembly and it will surely help each of us in our future endeavours.

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