Vayanam Book Review and Discussion: Session 2

The second episode of the literary journey undertaken by the students and staff of Kannur Salafi B. Ed. College, unfolded on Saturday, 2 December 2023 through the Google Meet platform. The meet was hosted by the Literary and Reading Club of the college.

The eager audience was welcomed by Ms. Anagha M., a B.Ed student. Her eloquent words eased everyone present into the right mindset for the book review session.

The day’s session was done by Ms. Ayfoona Abdul Razak, a B.Ed. student. The literary work under scrutiny and discussion was the masterpiece by George Orwell, ANIMAL FARM. she presented the basic context and plot of the book and created a curiosity in the minds of the listeners to read the book.

The book was analysed from various perspectives. An active discussion followed which provided even more view points and lessons to take to heart.

Several attendees, including Mr. Vishwanathan, Ms. Riji, Ms. Vijisha, Mr. Sahad offered their appreciation to the presenter.

The session concluded with Ms. Faheema introducing the book to be reviewed next week and urging everyone to read the same for an active discussion.

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