Book Review of “That Long Silence” by Shahshi Deshpande in Vayanam: Session 4

Date: December 23, 2023
Time: 7:30 PM
Platform: Google Meet

The Literary Club of Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College successfully conducted its 4th session of the ‘Vayanam’ Book Review and Discussion Forum on December 23, 2023. The session, held every Saturday at 7:30 PM, provides an intellectual platform for students to engage in literary discussions and broaden their perspectives.

Book Review: “That Long Silence” by Shashi Deshpande
The chosen book for the 4th session was “That Long Silence” authored by Shashi Deshpande. Ms. Anusree C.K., a fourth-semester B.Ed. student, delivered a comprehensive and insightful review of the book. Anusree skillfully presented her analysis, discussing the themes, characters, and narrative style employed by the author. Her articulate presentation not only showcased her understanding of the book but also captivated the audience, encouraging them to delve deeper into the literary nuances of “That Long Silence.”

Discussion Forum:
Following Anusree’s presentation, a lively and intellectually stimulating discussion took place among the participants. The forum provided a platform for students to share their thoughts, interpretations, and personal reflections on the book. The diversity of opinions and perspectives added depth to the discussion, highlighting the richness of literary interpretation.

Participants engaged in debates on various aspects of the book, exploring its social and cultural implications. The open forum allowed for a free exchange of ideas, fostering a vibrant intellectual atmosphere that is the hallmark of the ‘Vayanam’ sessions.

Upcoming Session Flyer Release:
As a conclusion to the session, the Literary Club unveiled the flyer for the upcoming session. The visually appealing and informative flyer highlighted the details of the next book to be discussed, enticing participants to eagerly anticipate the next literary exploration. The club aims to maintain this momentum and attract an even wider audience for future sessions.

The 4th session of the ‘Vayanam’ Book Review and Discussion Forum proved to be a success, combining a thoughtful book review, a dynamic discussion, and the release of the upcoming session’s flyer. The Literary Club continues to foster a love for literature and critical thinking among the students of Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College, creating an environment where the joy of reading and the art of discussion thrive.

The club looks forward to the enthusiastic participation of students in the upcoming sessions, continuing to explore the vast world of literature together.

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