Jingle Mingle: Christmas Celebrations 2023


On the enchanting evening of December 22, 2023, the halls of  the Kannur Salafi B.Ed. college  resonated with joy and laughter as the institution proudly presented ‘Jingle Mingle,’ a spectacular Christmas celebration. The event aimed to create an atmosphere of unity, joy, and festive cheer, bringing together students, staff, and guests for a memorable and heartwarming experience.


  • Bring together the diverse community  to celebrate the spirit of Christmas.
  • Strengthen the bonds of friendship and unity among students, staff, and guests
  • Showcase and appreciate the rich cultural talents within the institution through various performances and activities.
  • Create a festive environment that uplifts spirits and spreads joy among all attendees
  • Encourage students to actively participate in various programs and share their talents with the community.
  • Facilitate a Christmas and New Year friend gift exchange to promote the joy of giving and strengthen interpersonal bonds.

Program Notables 

Inaugural function

Hari Krishnan set the stage with a warm welcome, initiating the ‘Jingle Mingle’ festivities and expressing gratitude to all attendees.KP Drishya delivered a heartfelt presidential address, emphasizing the importance of unity and friendship during the festive season. Dr. Naseer Ali Mk inaugurated the event and shared a poignant Christmas message, highlighting the values of compassion and kindness.

Viswanathan TV  and Dhanya PV were delivered felicitation speech .Shala Abdul Sathar, Ramshana M, Vishnupriya PS, and Nithya conveyed heartfelt Christmas messages, spreading joy and positivity.

Student’s Performances

The celebration featured captivating performances including a lively carol competition, mesmerizing dance programs, creative tableau, monoact , and engaging games.

New Year Friend Gift Exchange:

Participants exchanged thoughtful gifts, embodying the joy of giving and creating lasting memories of shared goodwill.

Aswathy S Thirumunp extended gratitude to all contributors and participants, closing the event with appreciation for the collective efforts that made ‘Jingle Mingle’ a resounding success.


The ‘Jingle Mingle’ Christmas celebration was a harmonious blend of cultural richness, festive joy, and heartfelt connections. As participants exchanged gifts, shared laughter, and immersed themselves in the vibrant programs, the event achieved its objective of creating a memorable and inclusive experience for all. ‘Jingle Mingle’ will undoubtedly be remembered as a celebration that not only marked the joyous occasion of Christmas but also strengthened the bonds of community within Kannur salafi B.Ed. college.

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