Short Film Festival: Exploring Social Issues in Contemporary India through the Lens of Education.


The Short Film Festival organized as part of the ‘Contemporary India in Education’ paper for the BEd first semester aimed to provide a unique platform for understanding and addressing various social issues prevalent in Indian society. The festival focused on films in five different categories – English, Malayalam, Mathematics, Social Science, and Natural Science. Each category explored societal challenges and showcased the role of education in addressing these issues.


  • Screen films that address important social issues, sparking conversations and raising awareness among the audience.
  • Provide a platform for emerging filmmakers to showcase their talent, encouraging creativity and innovation in storytelling.
  • Foster an environment that encourages film education and appreciation, offering insights into different cinematic styles, techniques, and genres.
  • Facilitate networking opportunities for filmmakers, industry professionals, and film enthusiasts to connect, collaborate, and share ideas.


Film Title: “My dear parents

The English category featured the short film MY DEAR PARENTS” which delved into the the parenting issues in India


The Malayalam category presented the film’ ARYA’  which focused on the struggles faced by girls in indian patriarchal society  

Mathematics: ‘GAME OVER’

In the Mathematics category, the film “GAME OVER’ creatively portrayed  how mobile games negatively influence the toddlers and students in Indian society.

Social Science:

Film Title: “PENNU’’

The Social Science category featured “PENNU’’ a film that explored the intricate fabric of Indian society. It delved into issues of women in Indian society, especially their struggles in married life. How much importance the Indian society gave to the dreams of women in India is also portrayed well in this film.

Natural Science:

Film Title: “THE MIND’’

The Natural Science category presented “THE MIND’’ a film that highlighted  Indian perspectives towards mental issues of a person . The film also explored  how to treat a person with  personality disorders through counseling. 


The Short Film Festival successfully provided a platform for engaging with diverse social issues prevalent in contemporary India. Through the lens of education, each category explored the potential for positive change and emphasized the crucial role of educators in shaping a socially conscious and inclusive society. The festival not only enriched the academic experience but also served as a catalyst for discussions on the intersectionality of education and societal challenges. Overall, the event was a commendable initiative in aligning education with the pressing issues faced by the Indian society, contributing to the broader goal of creating socially responsible educators.

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