The Literary Club of Kannur Salafi B.Ed College organized a Reading Day Celebration on the 25th of June, 2024. The event commenced at 1:45 PM in the college conference hall.


1.Reading Competition: The event featured an engaging reading competition, where students showcased their reading skills. This competition aimed to foster a love for reading among students and improve their oral reading proficiency.

2. **Literary Discussions (വായനയും വാർത്തയും): A special segment titled “വായനയും വാർത്തയും” was also part of the celebration, promoting literary discussions and encouraging students to delve deeper into the world of books.

3. *Educational Videos*: As part of the program, the Literary Club played several  videos emphasizing the importance of reading. These videos highlighted various benefits of reading, such as enhancing vocabulary, improving cognitive skills, and fostering empathy. They also featured testimonials from prominent authors and scholars, who shared their personal experiences and the impact of reading on their lives.

The Reading Day Celebration successfully created a vibrant atmosphere, highlighting the importance of reading and literature in the academic and personal development of students. The event was well-received by all attendees, marking it as a memorable day in the college’s literary calendar.

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