VAYANAM-Book Review and Discussion Session 1

In the quaint halls of Kannur Salafi B.Ed. College, a literary haven was born – “Vayanam,” an initiative by the Literary Club to delve into the realms of literature. Set against the digital backdrop of Google Meet, these book review sessions unfold every Saturday at 7.30 PM, promising a journey into the enchanting world of books.


  1. Promote Reading: The Literary Club aspires to kindle a fervor for literature, urging students to embrace the joy of reading across various genres and authors.
  2. Critically Evaluating Books: With an emphasis on intellectual growth, the sessions encourage students to hone analytical and critical thinking skills. Discussions delve into the depths of content, themes, and literary elements.
  3. Healthy Discussions: The aim is to cultivate an environment where opinions flourish, debates are constructive, and diverse perspectives enrich the literary discourse.
  4. Encourage Participation: Active involvement is key. Students are urged not only to be avid listeners but to actively share thoughts, recommend books, and immerse themselves in the literary community.
  5. Build a Community of Readers: Beyond mere discussions, “Vayanam” strives to nurture a community—a close-knit group that celebrates literature in all its forms.

Inaugural Session Session – 25 November 2023:

The inaugural session, held on a Saturday evening, unfolded with Mrs. Faheema’s eloquent introductory remarks, setting the stage for what promises to be a literary journey of depth and discovery. The event’s title, “Vayanam,” emerged victorious from a student competition, embodying the essence of the club’s mission.

Dr. Naseerali M.K., the college’s esteemed Principal, graced the occasion by revealing the winning title and commending the Literary Club for their dedicated efforts. His address resonated with encouragement, urging students to actively participate in the forthcoming sessions.

Nimisha MT, a first-year B.Ed. student, took center stage as she presented the inaugural book review. The chosen literary piece was “Njanum Budhanum (Budha and Me)” by Rajendran Edathumakara, setting the bar high for the literary analyses to follow.

Dr. Naseerali M.K., in his address, not only applauded the Literary Club’s endeavors but also pledged support by ensuring that copies of the discussed books find a place in the college library.

Mrs. Vijisha CP, the dedicated teacher in charge of the Literary Club, took up the mantle of ensuring the program’s regularity and seamlessly handling all logistical arrangements. Her commitment echoed through the digital corridors, setting the stage for a consistent literary rendezvous.

In a moment of appreciation, Mrs. Vijisha CP acknowledged the collective efforts of the Literary Club team, recognizing the active participation of teachers such as Mr. Viswanathan TV, Mrs. Anitha, Mrs. Jansi Tharal, and Mrs. Dhanya, along with the enthusiastic contributions of students, including Ayfoona and Aswathy Tirumomp.

The session concluded with a glimpse into the future plans, emphasizing the continuation of engaging book reviews and discussions in the upcoming literary soirees. As “Vayanam” unfolds its chapters, it promises not just to explore literature but to weave a vibrant tapestry of intellectual camaraderie within the college walls.


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