Lets Be Grateful Always!


Morning session began with a prayer by Shilpa and Drisya P. K. After the prayer Shahbaz lead us with the pledge and Harikrishnan made us aware of the current happenings. Then we moved on to a game titled as “Gratitude Game”. For the game, five of the students came forward and the game was as followed :
Start by holding all of the pick-up sticks in your hand.
Drop the pick-up sticks, letting them fall randomly.
Each player takes a turn pulling a stick from the pile. …
Every time that you pick up a stick, name what you are grateful for based on the color of the stick and the category. Each of the students answered the questions very well. The major aim of the game is to boost students mood, improve their relationships, and even help them handle the rollercoaster of emotions they’ll inevitably face as they grow. Teaching kids how to be grateful is about teaching them to be aware of what’s going on around them. Thus it will be helpful for students to understand the value of gratitude. English Department also introduced a tricky task based on newspaper titled “Curious Journal : A Tricky Task From Newspaper “,where it is an opportunity for all students to participate in it inorder to enhance their English reading skills. With that we winded up our morning session.

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