OBJECTIVE : To create awareness among the students about the prevalence of stereotypical beauty standards.
To enable the students in identifying good quality cosmetic products.
To make them aware about the dangers of blindly following social media trends and hype.

Department of Natural Sciences presented a unique assembly on 29 January 2024. The session was anchored by Anagha M eloquently and beautifully.

Shaniba and Vishnupriya began the day with a beautiful invoking of the Lord Almighty. Jugunu instilled a sense of unity by reciting the pledge. Anjali presented the day’s news with clarity of thought and speech.

The main event of the day was a drama titled WHITEWASHED presented by the entire class. Incorporation of technology made the presentation quite innovative and engaging. The theme was based on the injudicious use of skin whitening creams and their harmful effects. The students were able to clearly transact their thoughts and opinions. They ended the assembly with a beautiful ideology that beauty is not just skin deep but what is within.

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