On November 24, 2023, A morning assembly named “Eureka” was conducted by the Natural Science Department. The assembly had a peaceful environment where students could focus their attention.

The assembly was hosted by Anjali which gave an energetic start to the day. She did her role very well.

Prayer is the purification of soul. It helps us to make our day better. Nehla and Vishnupriya make the session blessed with a good prayer.

To remind us the responsibilities towards the nation,Anagha E led us with pledge.

Jugunu make aware of us about the current happening by News reading.

As the assembly’s name indicates “Eureka” , today’s assembly discussed about Archimedes and his principle.A small experiment was conducted. The host Anjali invited 2 of the audience and gave instructions and they did the experiment.2 Oranges given each of them and one person was asked to peel the orange and put the orange in the water filled in beaker and another person was asked to put the orange in the water without peeling the skin.The orange with peel floated and the other one sank.Host seeks guess about the principle behind the experiment to the audience.
Anusree was invited explain the principle behind the experiment.She explained the Archimedes principle which states that When an object is immersed partially or completely in a fluid,the buoyancy experienced by it will be equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by it and also explained golden crown story behind the origin of principle.

And at the end of the assembly Mr. Vishwanathan, Assistant Professor of Malayalam Department shared his feedback and congratulate Natural science for their attempt of bringing something new in their morning session.

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